Garlin's fandom for Cubs knows no bounds

Garlin's fandom for Cubs knows no bounds

SAN DIEGO -- Comedian Jeff Garlin sat in on Joe Maddon's pregame media session, and he revealed that catcher David Ross is under-used, new T-shirts are coming that say the actor is the Cubs' manager's best friend and he still has a grudge against Steve Garvey.

Asked what he thinks of the Cubs' bullpen, Garlin quipped: "I think the same thing Joe thinks."

Ross has been matched up exclusively with Jon Lester. Is he being playing enough?

"Do I think David Ross has been over-used? No," Garlin said. "I love David Ross. David Ross is one of the best guys on the team, and as a matter of fact, he's my favorite pitcher. My favorite pitcher on the Cubs is David Ross, that's all I'm saying."

Ross had to pitch one inning in relief May 9 against the Brewers. The catcher did retire all three batters he faced.

"He's perfect -- three up, three down, wasn't he?" Maddon said. "He came in [to the dugout] and said, 'That's how to use your fastball.'"

The conversation shifted to the Cubs' bullpen.

"What do you say about simplicity?" Garlin said.

"Do simple better," Maddon said.

"When I get with the bullpen guys, that's all I say is, 'Do simple better,'" Garlin said.

Perhaps Garlin will join the Cubs' mental skills program?

"I'm just a special guest to get the guys feeling good," Garlin said. "That's what I do."

That does seem to be a goal of the mental skills program.

"I don't take it that seriously," Garlin said. "They've got you to keep things loose."

"I try," Maddon said.

Then Garlin took over the questions.

"What's it like being better looking than all your players?" Garlin said to Maddon.

"It's a curse -- it's difficult, but I try to downplay it," Maddon said.

"You have to downplay it -- you're a humble man," Garlin said. "And you keep it simple."

Maddon said he lets the players have their moments, then confessed, tongue in cheek: "I'm actually kind of shy." That got a loud laugh from Garlin.

"By the way," Garlin said, "in terms of my career, anything [Maddon] wants, carte blanche. I'm going to tell you this right now -- I want to do a T-shirt [that says] -- this is true -- 'I want to be Joe Maddon's best friend.' I'm going to make T-shirts that say, 'I want to be Joe Maddon's best friend.' The Cubs took a picture of you and I together and I think they're going to put it on the background and it'll say, 'I want to be Joe Maddon's best friend.'"

Said Maddon: "I'm going to get a cut of the proceeds you said."

"Yes, you get a cut of the proceeds," Garlin said. "Small, you know, but still, the union worked it out. Let me also say, if we do more 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' I promise you'll be on. You have my word. I will wrestle Larry [David]."

Maddon said he'd be happy just walking behind Garlin in the background.

"I think we're going to do that -- we'll have you in your Cubs uniform just walking by," Garlin said.

"It's just like photobomb you guys," Maddon said. "That's the kind of speaking part I'm looking for."

Garlin did predict a Cubs win on Thursday over the Padres. He also is still smarting from the Cubs' 3-2 loss in the 1984 National League Championship Series against the Padres. San Diego's Garvey was the series Most Valuable Player.

"Any win, by the way, for the Cubs in San Diego still can never make up for what happened here years ago," Garlin said.

Maddon was aware of the ball between Chicago first baseman Leon Durham's legs in deciding Game 5, a 6-3 San Diego win.

"I don't blame [Durham]," Garlin said. "I blame Steve Garvey. He's much easier to dislike."

That got a big laugh.

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