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Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat with Zinkie

Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat with Zinkie fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Monday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

Q: @FantasyBB15 An owner in my league is dangling Kenley Jansen for outfield help. Always leery dealing hitting for relief pitching -- is Steven Souza Jr. or Marcell Ozuna too much to offer?

A: It likely isn't enough. Jansen is a top-five closer. He is a great trade target.

Q: @adamjtyler Who do I pick up off free agency for the week? Mike Moustakas or Chase Headley?

A: I'm in the minority, but I'll go with Headley. Better matchups.

Q: @birdmanta333 Stephen Strasburg is off to a slow start. Would you ride it out or try and get what you can for him?

A: Fair to trade him for a top-15 starter, but nothing less. He has top-5 potential.

Q: @Labedoyere1 What are the Dodgers' plans for Hector Olivera? I think I picked him up a bit early. Nobody is talking about him at all.

A: The Dodgers are so deep. Will be hard for him to help in mixed leagues this year.

Q: @GSmith51172 Did Ian Kinsler forget how to hit a home run?

A: Unlikely. He seems to be streaky. Good time to buy low.

Q: @GeMunichkeit Drop Mike Leake, Carlos Martinez or Carlos Rodon? Have to make room for someone off the DL.

A: Martinez. Have to give Rodon a few more starts.

Q: @FishyG3 Received this trade offer: getting Matt Cain and Christian Yelich for Jake Marisnick and Brad Boxberger. I have Jake McGee for security.

A: Make the deal. Yelich should improve soon and Marisnick's value may not hold.

Q: @jtmartens28 What to do with Yordano Ventura and Jordan Zimmermann? Trade? Currently on bench.

A: Stick with Zimmermann, who should be fine. Keep Ventura on the bench for now.

Q: @Ynal_Alouri I dropped Brandon Moss and picked up Luis Valbuena because I needed power on my team. I also picked up Trevor Bauer from the Indians. Thoughts on both?

A: You have to be wary of Valbuena and Bauer, because they can each hurt a lot in one category.

Q: @AustinTarbox Jon Lester Collin McHugh and Todd Frazier for Andrew McCutchen and Andrew Miller -- who wins?

A: McCutchen side, even with his initial 2015 struggles.

Q: @TheEricMally What to do with Rusney Castillo? I have been stashing him all year, and I'm getting impatient!

A: You have to wait. At least until the end of the month. So much potential if he gets a regular role in Boston.

Q: @sportsweather I am worried about Corey Dickerson. Was offered Josh Reddick or Ryan Braun for him. Should I take deal for either?

A: Your concerns are legitimate. Take the deal and take Braun.

Q: @y2jg1 Shin-Soo Choo is available as a free agent but I would have to drop either Joc Pederson or Mookie Betts? Would you add Choo?

A: Choo should be owned, but can't drop one of those young studs for him.

Q: @Goatronica Is Jake Odorizzi a "sell-high" guy?

A: Yes, in the sense that there will be some regression. But he's going to be valuable all season.

Q: @Knance55 What do I do with Doug Fister? I have no DL spots available.

A: Depends on bench size. It's fine to cut him in a shallow league. Low K-rate limits his upside.

Q: @kristinzuccaro Is Kendrys Morales' performance this year legit?

A: He can produce 20-25 homers, and hit .270-.280.

Q: @ArenaFanFball Lance McCullers or Nate Karns?

A: Karns, who is showing some interesting potential in recent starts.

Q: @Jack_NUTELLA_ Keep Rodon or go for another prospect like McCullers? Also stash Masahiro Tanaka, Patrick Corbin or Matt Moore?

A: Stick with Rodon for now. And stash Tanaka.

Q: @JayyDixon What are your thoughts on Maikel Franco? Is he legit?

A: He should be added in 12-team leagues. At least to the bench for now. His home park should help him.

Q: @DRand4 Do you expect Carlos Gonzalez to rebound? Someone in my league is trying to get rid of him.

A: Yes, to a degree. But don't trade for him unless the discount is very large.

Q: @ToXiCxJoKeRx 12-team dynasty league, and I need to put one of these three in my utility spot. Gonzalez, Choo or Yasmani Grandal?

A: CarGo for this week, because of all the home games vs. RHP. Likely Choo after that.

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