Day after, Ross none the worse for wear

Day after, Ross none the worse for wear

CHICAGO -- Cubs catcher David Ross was in a jovial mood on Friday morning before he met with trainers about the abdominal tightness that forced him out of Thursday's 6-5 win against the Mets.

"Maybe I released some scar tissue or something. I'm 38 -- there's no telling what this body has been through," Ross said jokingly.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon confirmed that Ross was doing well after consulting with the training staff, and he expects his catcher to play on Saturday.

Ross exited after his at-bat in the eighth inning on Thursday. He said he felt a small, sharp twinge, and the area tightened up and released. Maddon ordered Ross to bunt to try to avoid further injury. Ross ended up striking out on a foul bunt.

"Joe was pretty adamant that I do not swing. 'Do not swing. Bunt. Drag bunt,'" Ross said. "I was like, 'All right.' We had the lead. I just wanted to try to get out of here with a win, worry about my body later."

Ross said he felt confident the tightness didn't involve his oblique. He once pulled an oblique while playing in Double-A, and this tightness felt different, he said.

Otherwise, the young Cubs are helping the 14-year Major League veteran feel young.

"If my body holds up, we'll be fine," Ross said. "These guys are great. It's a fun group to be part of. It's a group that asks a lot of questions. I've got to clean up my dance moves for after the game. I've got to get better at that."

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