A quick pick-me-up

Byrd: Bullpen does the job

NEW YORK -- This is a team where everyone puts egos aside, so even though I'm disappointed in the way I pitched tonight, I'm thrilled we won and I can't say enough about the bullpen for picking me up.

What is also great is this was the kind of game that we weren't supposed to win. Our offense wasn't supposed to be able to hit a pitcher like Randy Johnson, but those are great hitters and they proved they can score runs on anybody.

We had to hear all during the year that we didn't have the hitting. But this year, we've taken it to some pretty good pitchers down the stretch and it was good to see tonight because this can only give them confidence.

I'm hoping the way we won will give us some momentum and maybe put them on their heels a bit. They rallied from five down and took the lead, but we came back and took a big lead while getting hits from everybody.

I've said this so many times, but I can't believe what a clutch hitter Bengie Molina is. It is not just the hits but when he gets them. It seems they're always at the right time.

And this is a tough place to play. It can be intimidating because the fans are so loud and so passionate, but this team deals well with adversity and enjoys playing under pressure.

As for my night, I'm pretty disappointed. I had a big lead and I gave it back and I feel like I put too much pressure on the bullpen by forcing them into the game too early. I don't feel I made bad pitches, the Yankees just did a good job of putting the ball in play.

I wanted to make them earn it; I wasn't going to give them a free pass and put guys on, but that is just what they did. They earned it. I just hope I didn't hurt the bullpen.

But the job they did was just exceptional. You know, Kelvim Escobar was the free agent signing that didn't happen. People forget how good he is and how good he makes us. He really picks up the back end of the bullpen.

Other guys did a great job, too. Scot Shields stepped up and did a great job but so did Brendan Donnelly. Donkey pitched well but just didn't catch the breaks.

Now we can't take anything for granted. Sure we have the probable Cy Young award winner in Bartolo Colon going in Game 5 and we have Jarrod Washburn with the fourth-best ERA in the league pitching Saturday, but we have to stay focused; we have to put the nail in the coffin.

Paul Byrd's journal appears as told to MLB.com reporter Mike Scarr. Byrd's journal will appear regularly while the Angels are in the playoffs. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.