Introducing the 'Bloggies'

Introducing the 'Bloggies'

There is a new set of individual awards to hand out around Major League Baseball, and these are going to some of the fans who just helped MLB set another single-season attendance record.

At least we think you left your computers to actually go to some games.

The first MLBlogs Awards just seemed to make sense, because it has been so much fun around here in the inaugural season of definitively matching blogging and baseball. They are two pastimes you just can't live without, and there was really no scientific criteria for the MLBlogs crew that created this list; you know a good game when you watch it. is an official affiliate of, so those who create blogs here are visible from one of the largest Internet sites in the world. And anyone who has been around MLBlogs from the start of this season -- when rookie Clint Barmes was all the rage before his injury -- probably can understand why the first "Best MLBlog" is going to The Good, the Bad, and the Barmes.

Mark Donohue is a Rockies fan, and his blog is the perfect example of why teamed with Six Apart, the leading blog software company, to create these. It's all about that connection between you and your favorite team -- in good times or bad. It was a long summer in Colorado, but it's still baseball. And TGTBATB has been a constant presence in the Recently Updated Weblogs, always with an interesting take on the game from those dog days of summer to playoff analysis now. Mark's acceptance blog.

Without further ado, here is the list of honorees. Feel free to blog your own choices and comment on these. And remember that MLBlogs are just as important after the playoffs are over, because it's the best way to talk about the Hot Stove League.

Best MLBlog
First place: The Good, the Bad, and the Barmes
Second place: Red Sox Chick
Third place: The Baseball Collector

Best Use of Graphics

Best Ballpark Experience
Ballpark Tour of Duty

Best Comedic Blog
Diamonds Are for Humor

Best Post
9/29/05 at Shea Stadium (from The Baseball Collector)

Best URL for a Cup of Coffee
two blocks away

Best Photo Album
Smoke Signals

Most Revolutionary Blogger
Inside the White Sox

Most Controversial Post
Tommy vs. Phanatic

Best Community
Bleeding Pinstripes

Best Blog Name
The Dog Ate Daron's Homework

Best Off-Duty Blog by a NYC Taxi Driver
Inside Pitch

Best Comment
Luis H. Perez (No. 6 post)

Best Profile
Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

Best Brotherly Blogging
Andrew | Brian

Tastiest Blog
Deep Fried Fish

Best Lawn-Care Tips
Murray Cook's Field Blogs

Best Blog by a Member of Zaunbie Nation
Diehard Ball Fan

Best Photo

Best Displaced-Fan Blog
England Here: Rays from across the Pond

Most Off-Topic Blog

Best Self-Promotion
Baseball Digest Daily

Best Tag-Team Blog
Shannon and Debbies Baseball Life

Best September Call-Up
The Eli Chronicles

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