Guillen pregame interview

Guillen pregame interview

Ozzie, from your experience, is it annoying to face a knuckle baller?

OZZIE GUILLEN: It's something really different, you only see maybe once a year. Obviously you've got to take a different approach, and he's been pretty good. Hopefully we can go in today and do well. He's not an easy pitcher.

Ozzie, how much do you change your approach because you're hitting in Fenway Park?

GUILLEN: In Fenway Park you can get caught up in the green monster, and I think right now you have to think about it, how the wind is blowing, but we cannot change any approach here.

I think you went on record yesterday saying that if you're fortunate enough to sweep today, that Jon Garland will be your ALCS Game 1 starter. Is that absolute?

GUILLEN: I don't know. It's not easy coming in, and we've got to face a pretty good ball club. If we do that, my worries are how long is Garland, not going to be pitching. That's what I would have in mind. Exactly how much he's going to be we're going to use him as quickly as we can. If that comes, I don't mind starting with him.

If you don't win tonight, what are the differences between Curt Schilling in an elimination game this year versus Curt Schilling in an elimination game last year?

GUILLEN: I think that this kid has pitched big games before. He's been in the same position before. The only difference is his age. I think he went through a lot of tough times this year with health and the difference is this kid is going to show up and show people he can still do it.

He's been a post season pitcher. We've just got to go in and hopefully we beat them.

The Yankees brought in a knuckle ball pitcher to throw batting before facing Wakefield, did you think about doing that?

GUILLEN: I think it helped them. The Yankees can do whatever they want, they have a lot of money. Kenny Williams asked me about can we do that also. The question comes up and I say I don't believe in that.

Aaron has ridiculously good numbers against Wakefield. Any idea why he's got that going on?

GUILLEN: Some people like to hit on him more than others. He's pretty good, but I think a lot of people some people like to do it and some people don't like it. I think normally when you try to do too much with a pitch, and I think that's what gets you into trouble.

Did you run into any Red Sox fans last night and did they have anything nice to say?

GUILLEN: We see them and other people. They were excited about it, but some people think we're not supposed to be here. When they play the Chicago White Sox, it's like they play a friendly team, but I notice more when I'm walking down the street and people looking at me and people know you.

They know you when you play the big games. It's nice. I think the fans have treated us real nice. We know it will be a little different when the game starts. These fans are one of the best fans in baseball. They're dying to see this game and hopefully we keep them quiet for a little while.

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