White Sox loose, ready to play

Rowand: White Sox loose, ready to play

Aaron Rowand is the type of player on which the White Sox famous "Grinder Rules" were based. The affable center fielder never gives less than 100 percent during the course of a game, even if it means sacrificing life and limb to make a play. Sacrificing life and limb on a daily basis, that is.

During the course of the White Sox postseason run, Rowand will be featured in his own personal playoff journal on MLB.com. What follows is the first installment.

We sat on the runway for a couple of hours in Cleveland on Sunday night, and everyone was just laughing and playing PSP (Personal PlayStation) against each other. We were screaming at each other from across the plane while playing.

There were people out there standing in the rain to cheer us on when we pulled out of the airport. That was nice to see.

It was a great feeling and guys were really excited, but it has been that way all season long here. Everybody knows the regular season is over and done with, and nobody is worrying about anything other than us winning ballgames and doing whatever it takes to advance.

We have a big advantage working in our favor. Not too many guys, really nobody, was overly concerned about their own numbers during the regular season. It's always been more about us winning ballgames. You don't see that a whole lot from 25 guys in the same locker room.

During the season, you usually find guys worried about RBIs they are not going to get and not wanting to get a bunt down to move the guy over. But that's the way we've been doing it all season. In that respect, we don't have to change the way we are approaching it for the postseason.

I don't think you are going to see the pressure get to this team before Tuesday's game. If anything, there will be anticipation for it to get going. But the way you see the clubhouse right now is the way the clubhouse will be before the game. We have a pretty laidback group. We joke around and rip on each other, just to get a laugh in front of someone else.

It's always fun playing the Red Sox, because we always seem to have good series against them. As long as we can go out there and have the pitching we have had of late and get the bats going as we have of late, we are going to be all right. I'm sure it will be back and forth and up and down and everything else throughout the series.

They won it last year, and they definitely have more experience than we do. It's fine to be the underdog. The doubters and naysayers can say whatever they want. They have all year, anyway. It's nothing new here.

But it didn't really matter who it was going to be. We were going to be prepared either way.

Now, I'll go home and hang out, maybe walk around Michigan Avenue with my wife or go to dinner. That's about it. We'll play the same type of baseball we've played all season, starting Tuesday, and hopefully the ball will bounce our way.

Aaron Rowand's postseason diary appears as told to Scott Merkin, a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.