Alexei: 'Every day is Mother's Day'

White Sox members remember, appreciate their moms

Alexei: 'Every day is Mother's Day'

CHICAGO -- Mothers Day 2013 marked the first time in six years that White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez was able to celebrate with his mom, Edith.

They were separated until Edith and Armando, Ramirez's father, came from Cuba to the United States in June 2012. So Ramirez doesn't need a special day to recognize his mother.

"For me, every day is Mothers Day," said Ramirez, through interpreter and White Sox Spanish language broadcaster Billy Russo. "Our mother is everything in our life.

"When I came here without her, I had her in my heart. I know that I was in her heart also. Right now this is special. Every time you can be with your mom, it's special. You have to be thankful every day to have the mother you have."

Here are a few other White Sox thoughts on their mothers:


"My dad instilled major confidence in me. My mom was the rock. She was the same every day. She didn't care about my performances. She hoped for the best when I played, but she didn't care about that, because there was a lot more that she cared about than that in my life.

"She's still in New York. She's 86. She's unfiltered. She shoots from the lip, and she's feisty and ornery. But I'm glad. She's lost a lot of her mobility but her mind is there. She still has a major role in my family with my kids and her grandchildren."


"For me, my dad worked all day. My mom was a stay-at-home mom. It was great. She took me to everything I needed to go to as a kid, support, all that stuff. So this day is always special."

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