Mayweather-Pacquiao has players' interest

Both boxers have fans throughout Major League Baseball

Mayweather-Pacquiao has players' interest

The sports world will turn its eyes to Las Vegas on Saturday night for the so-called "Fight of the Century" between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

The fight, five years in the making, is expected to break all kinds of viewing records. And you can safely assume players throughout Major League Baseball will tune in.

Some have a rooting interest. Others are getting caught up in the hype of the highly anticipated event.

Angels star Mike Trout hopes to watch the bout in San Francisco, where the Angels are playing the Giants this weekend. Who's the 2014 American League Most Valuable Player picking?

"T.B.E.," Trout said, referring to Mayweather by one of his nicknames. "The Best Ever."

Mayweather owns a 47-0 record entering Saturday's fight, while the underdog Pacquiao is 57-5-2 in his career.

"I think Pacquiao's going to come out throwing punches," Trout said, "and Floyd's just going to counter every punch he throws."

Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez said he's interested in the outcome.

"I don't know who to pull for," said Volquez. "I bet it's a good fight, though, a tough fight."

But Royals reliever Kelvin Herrera has a definite rooting interest.

"I'm going for Pacquiao -- 100 percent," Herrera said. "Mayweather is good, but he's been the champion for a while. It's time to get someone new. Pacquiao is my man."

Rangers pitcher Nick Martinez echoed Herrera's sentiment, putting himself in Pacquiao's corner.

"He is the underdog, so I'm pulling for him," Martinez said.

Nationals reliever Aaron Barrett is rooting for Pacquiao but tempering his interest as a fan by acknowledging that Mayweather is the favorite for a reason.

"Mayweather talks a big game and he backs it up. He is obviously a good fighter," Barrett said. "Those guys are good fighters, and I think it's going to be an excellent fight to watch."

Nats left-hander Gio Gonzalez plans to watch the fight as well, albeit with no rooting interest.

"I love them both. The style to each one of them is unique," Gonzalez said. "No one speaks about how hard Mayweather trains. The way he trains is very impressive and fun to watch. The same thing goes for Pacquiao. These are two guys who are elite and on top because of how they train and how they go about their business."

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