Chipper, Cox reflect on Sheppard's passing

Chipper, Cox reflect on Sheppard's passing

NEW YORK -- When Chipper Jones learned that long-time Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard passed away Sunday at the age of 99, he fondly remembered the first time he heard his name announced while playing at Yankee Stadium.

"I remember growing up and hearing him announce Reggie Jackson or Ron Guidry or Thurman Munson," Jones said. "Then all of the sudden, I'm standing out there for the first game of the 1996 World Series and he's announcing my name. It gives you goose bumps. "When you combine that voice with playing in Yankee Stadium, it was almost eerie. You're playing on such hallowed ground and you got that voice coming out of the darkness and it almost seems like it's God talking to you. It's one you hear in your dreams."

While playing for the Yankees in 1968 and '69, Braves manager Bobby Cox never really got to know Sheppard. But like many other members of the baseball world, he says he will forever appreciate those times he heard the man, who will forever be recognized as "The Voice of Yankee Stadium."

Sheppard began his tenure as the Yankees' PA announcer on April 17, 1951, the day that Yankee legend Mickey Mantle made his Major League debut.

"It was such a familiar voice," Cox said. "It's a voice that will be missed."