Fred Zinkie

@Fantasy411 fields fans' questions on Twitter

@Fantasy411 fields fans' questions on Twitter fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

Question: @DiegoJGomez95: Should I stick with Adrian Beltre? If not who should I take: Mike Moustakas, Jimmy Paredes, Jose Iglesias or Evan Longoria?

Fred Zinkie: Stick with Beltre.

Question: @lauriekeiko: Time to cut Victor Martinez? What can I get in a trade? Need closers.

Zinkie: Not time to cut. Can be traded for a first- or second-tier closer.

Question: @ryanpurdon: Who's the better speculative closer add at this point, Tony Watson or A.J. Ramos?

Zinkie: Possibly Bryan Morris over both.

Question: @tripppppp: Need to drop 1. Dellin Betances, Brad Boxberger, Francisco Rodriguez or Hector Rondon?

Zinkie: Boxberger, as Jake McGee should return soon.

Question: @jtristanl: Thoughts on Alex Guerrero?

Zinkie: Should be owned in most leagues. Plenty of potential if he receives enough playing time.

Question: @BrittonGray: Should I drop Danny Santana and pick up Adeiny Hechavarria (or another shortstop)?

Zinkie: Give Santana one more week.

Question: @Savannahseniors: Pick a side in a keeper: Troy Tulowitzki /David Ortiz /Evan Gattis vs. Mookie Betts /Rusney Castillo/Freddie Freeman?

Zinkie: Tulo side if competing for 2015.

Question: @yeung_eugene: 2B/SS that you would add to fill in for Jose Reyes?

Zinkie: Depends on league size. Possibly Marcus Semien.

Question: @_tylerdunn: Trade Nick Hundley for Steve Cishek? NL-only league (I have A.J. Ramos).

Zinkie: Could lose the role, but worth the price in that deal.

Question: @samphelps21: Is Jimmy Paredes for real? Or just a hot bat?

Zinkie: He's a hot bat, and he is worth adding to find out if he's for real.

Question: @einstein2u: What would be a good target SP for a player like George Springer or Billy Hamilton? SP2? Ace? SP3?

Zinkie: Low-end ace or high-end No. 2.

Question: @cecil_meyers: Hold onto Alex Guerrero or drop for Brett Lawrie?

Zinkie: Hold Guerrero.

Question: @stanhammer1978: Drop Alcides Escobar for Zack Cozart or another SS?

Zinkie: For now, stick with Escobar.

Question: @C_hermz: Is Ian Kennedy worth holding?

Zinkie: Yes, in 12-team. Barely in 10-team.

Question: @GodSportsFamily: @lauriekeiko What about Devin Mesoraco? Drop?

Zinkie: Hold if possible.

Question: @CeeAych30: Was offered Adam Jones /Edinson Volquez for Jose Abreu /Chris Sale. fair?

Zinkie: Stick with Abreu/Sale.

Question: @TK_Smith3: What should I do with Andrew McCutchen? Time to be worried about his knee?

Zinkie: A little. Explore the trade market.

Question: @KingJared19: Should I be shopping Ryan Braun? What could I get for him? Need pitchers.

Zinkie: Shop for a low-end ace.

Question: @CDub1519: Would you hold on to Devon Travis or sell high?

Zinkie: Sell high. Explore the trade market.

Question: @lilpapito: Would you trade Robinson Cano for Hanley Ramirez?

Zinkie: Yes.

Question: @dmanzuleta: Carlos Gonzalez and Chris Davis for Nelson Cruz?

Zinkie: Would prefer CarGo side.

Question: @legsanity: Is Jeurys Familia the guy for good?

Zinkie: "For good" is a long time for closers. But yes, should be for a while.

Question: @Ynal_Alouri: Should I explore a trade for Shane Greene?

Zinkie: Yes. Consider waiting for him to get back on track (hopefully) this week.

Question: @wfromans: Are you sold Joey Votto is going to have a great year, or sell high?

Zinkie: He could do well, but explore the option of selling high.

Fred Zinkie is a senior fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.