Inbox: Should A's do something about 'pen's struggles?

Beat reporter Jane Lee responds to Oakland fans' questions

Inbox: Should A's do something about 'pen's struggles?

Do you think the A's will try to wait out these bullpen struggles or look for outside help?
-- @bradenjoseph

Help is on the way soon, with Sean Doolittle expected back at the beginning of June. Until then, the A's are likely to stick with what they've got. And if Ryan Cook continues throwing like he did Sunday -- he hit 96 mph on the stadium gun -- in his season debut with the club, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Cook's presence could really help lengthen this bullpen and provide a little more consistency to everyone's roles. I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see all of the bullpen pieces clicking at the same time.

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Was it a mistake to leave Spring Training without the experienced Jesse Chavez as a member of the rotation?
-- @tichie

The A's were doing what they thought best with the personnel they had at the time. As much as I agree that Chavez belonged in the rotation, I also understood the club's decision to place him in the bullpen, just because he really is so valuable in that role, too. The way Kendall Graveman was throwing all spring, I don't think anyone could've expected he'd stumble so quickly out of the gates. He deserved a spot in the rotation, leaving room for either Chavez or Drew Pomeranz to join him. Chavez is the more versatile of the two, so the decision at the time made sense. Now's his time to prove why he belongs in the rotation again.

Chavez's strong start

Which outfielder will be the odd man out when Coco Crisp returns to the lineup?
-- @Jflo_22

It'll likely be Cody Ross, if you think about how the A's envisioned their outfield when Crisp was healthy: Crisp holding down left field, Sam Fuld and Craig Gentry sharing center-field duties and Josh Reddick playing right. Rule 5 draftee Mark Canha remains an option in the outfield corners, as well, and he must remain on the 25-man roster all season or be offered back to the Marlins.

When is Barry Zito coming up?
-- emontoya024

Zito's yet to showcase consistency with Triple-A Nashville, posting a 5.57 ERA in four starts. It's nice to have an experienced arm like that on hand when needed, but the next pitcher we'll probably see join the rotation is Jarrod Parker, who is due back at the end of May.

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