Arrieta dishes on bands, beards and more in Twitter Q&A

Arrieta dishes on bands, beards and more in Twitter Q&A

PITTSBURGH -- He's not a U2 fan, he likes Michael Jordan over LeBron James, he doesn't like cats but does like baked Doritos on a turkey sandwich and orange juice with pulp. He puts both ketchup and mustard on his hot dog and says he's hit 175,002 home runs in his entire baseball career.

He wants to take his family to Utah to visit the National Parks there, likes carnitas over chicken or steak at Chipotle, and, prefers crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly. He wants to play golf with Bubba Watson, and likes breakfast at Marmalade at Damen and Montrose in Chicago. And he picked Jorge Soler to win a slow-pitch softball home run derby over Kris Bryant.

If he's in a street fight, he'd want teammate David Ross there to back him up, and if he wasn't a pitcher, he'd be a third baseman.

The Cubs' Jake Arrieta spent a lot of time Wednesday on Twitter answering queries about everything and anything. Here's a small sample:

@Deftone_Rocker: "Fav band that you think nobody's heard of?"

Arrieta: "Purity Ring"

@Sam_Beishuizen "who would win in a fight ... Kris Bryant or a bear?"

Arrieta: "Me"

@TCalley: "past MLB player you look up to?"

Arrieta: "Jeter. Kerry Wood. Brady Anderson"

@Pumps9121 "your beard is on point. Any tips or pointers for those aspiring?"

Arrieta: "Fade the sides. Let the middle flow"

@MaxHaid10: "Any superstitions on Gameday? #GoCubsGo"

Arrieta: "Same tank top under the jersey"

@MattDSummy "For my birthday should I get a @ARizzo44 jersey or @KrisBryant_23?"

Arrieta: "Double the order"

@Rskins02: "best words of advice you have received and from who?"

Arrieta: "Don't sit and wait for experience to come to you, go get the experience. Take it. -- Luis Ayala"

@Sofia3293: "favorite guilty pleasure food?"

Arrieta: "When I let loose, a pint of @benandjerrys Half Baked. Or 2"

Someone from the ice cream company responded as well, which made Arrieta happy. Zac Rosscup tried to get his teammate to respond to questions, asking how many tank tops Arrieta owns, but they were mostly ignored.

"I'm just kind of enjoying it," Arrieta said of the Q&A. "It wasn't a planned thing. I like to interact and let people know different things about me and the team and my family -- I'm just having fun with it. That's the most important thing, is to enjoy it and keep it fun for everybody and not call anybody out or create any negativity. I think it's something people like to be a part of. It's enjoyable."

And if you check Arrieta's Twitter, you'll see an interesting avatar. It's a photo of him as a 5-year-old on his first T-ball team, which just happened to be the Cubbies. And someone did a little creative work and added a beard.

"I keep a lot of things personal and private, but at the same time, I think people deserve to know unique things about you and things that are personal to me and any figure on Twitter," Arrieta said. "On the road, away from the family, I have a lot of down time and time to interact and take advantage of it."

Arrieta's wife, Brittany, even joined in the conversation.

@MrsArrieta49: "Back at it again I see ... Be careful people are going to expect this everyday"

Arrieta: "More likely on the road .. Miss you"

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