Behind the Braves: A look back at unique promotions

Behind the Braves: A look back at unique promotions

It wasn't always bobbleheads and fireworks at Braves games. Back in the days of Ted Turner, the promotions were truly some of the most unique in all of sports. Below, we chronicle some of the most interesting promotions that can be found in the Braves' archives.

Cash scramble -- 1976
On one special evening in 1976, several lucky fans were picked to come onto the field and scramble to grab as much cash as they could while it fluttered down from a helicopter.

Home-plate weddings -- 1977-1980
Up to a dozen couples would be married simultaneously at home plate.

Bathtub Races -- August 1977
Hank Aaron and Turner were just a few of the contestants who took to the bathtubs for a little friendly competition. Bathtubs were used as seats in a motorized go-kart and raced outside of the Braves' dugout.

Giant Salad -- August 1982
Fans would be selected to jump into the giant "salad" located on the field, and dive around in search of prizes.

Ted Turner pushes a baseball around the diamond -- August 1976
Mr. Turner was willing to pull out all the stops to attract fans, even at his own expense. One promotion had him pushing a baseball around the diamond with his nose in a race against Tug McGraw.

Miller Lite Home Run -- 1982-83
In 1982-83, Miller Lite hosted a race that took place in the streets surrounding the ballpark, and ended at home plate in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

Ostrich Races
These are just what they sound like. Turner brought in ostriches, which were ridden like horses in a race around the field.