Dynasty-league rankings: Top 50 players

Dynasty-league rankings: Top 50 players

This list represents the top 50 baseball players for the dynasty fantasy baseball format, which is loosely defined as a type of fantasy baseball league in which owners may keep a fixed quantity of players indefinitely. Ever heard of a keeper league? Think of dynasty as an extreme keeper league.

Here are some important caveats and biases:

• The shallower your league, the more I'd recommend moving down prospects and moving up veterans in these rankings.

• These rankings represent a snapshot in time given the information we know today. Fluid closer situations, production and health could impact the rankings substantially.

• The rankings are a "fudge" between one- and two-starting-catcher leagues; depending on what kind of league you play in, the catchers should be moved up or down accordingly.

• The rankings are a "fudge" between batting average and on-base-percentage leagues -- drop on-base darlings in average leagues and move them up for OBP leagues.

• I have aggressive rankings for hitting prospects. I'm not oblivious to their bust rates, but when they do succeed in the Majors, they hold immense value due to their reliable production across many years. Additionally, top hitting prospects hold tremendous trade value in dynasty leagues to rebuilding teams.

• I strongly favor a fantasy strategy of investing heavily in hitters, top closers and piecing together a rotation. In dynasty leagues where owners count on their assets to produce over a longer period of time, I favor that strategy even more because, well … see the offseason fates of Yu Darvish, Marcus Stroman and Cliff Lee. Go ahead and take Clayton Kershaw in the first round of dynasty drafts if you must, but don't say I didn't warn you.

And now, for the Top 50 rankings:

1. Mike Trout, OF
2. Bryce Harper, OF
3. Giancarlo Stanton, OF
4. Andrew McCutchen, OF
5. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
6. Jose Abreu, 1B
7. Yasiel Puig, OF
8. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
9. Jose Altuve, 2B
10. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
11. Kris Bryant, 3B
12. Mookie Betts, OF
13. Freddie Freeman, 1B
14. Carlos Gomez, OF
15. Billy Hamilton, OF
16. Clayton Kershaw, SP
17. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
18. Xander Bogaerts, SS
19. Anthony Rendon, 2B
20. Josh Donaldson, 3B
21. Robinson Cano, 2B
22. Christian Yelich, OF
23. Buster Posey, C
24. Byron Buxton, OF
25. George Springer, OF
26. Jorge Soler, OF
27. Adam Jones, OF
28. Nolan Arenado, 3B
29. Edwin Encarnacion, 1B
30. Justin Upton, OF
31. Starling Marte, OF
32. Chris Sale, SP
33. Matt Harvey, SP
34. Manny Machado, 3B
35. Jose Fernandez, SP
36. Carlos Correa, SS
37. Ian Desmond, SS
38. Gregory Polanco, OF
39. Jason Heyward, OF
40. Michael Brantley, OF
41. Ryan Braun, OF
42. Evan Longoria, 3B
43. Carlos Gonzalez, OF
44. Hanley Ramirez, SS
45. Addison Russell, SS
46. Joey Votto, 1B
47. Jose Bautista, OF
48. Madison Bumgarner, SP
49. Stephen Strasburg, SP
50. Felix Hernandez, SP

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Tom Trudeau works in business development for MLB.com and has been playing dynasty-league fantasy baseball for years. He has also participated in the expert league LABR (League of Alternative Baseball Reality). You can follow him @TomTrudeau. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.