Breslow's third annual fundraising event set for April 30

Sip Happens is an evening of food and wine tasting in Boston with several Red Sox players

Breslow's third annual fundraising event set for April 30

BOSTON -- For a long time, the Red Sox have maintained a close charitable connection to their city. Reliever Craig Breslow, who has now spent five seasons with the club, is no exception.

On April 30, Breslow will host the third annual Sip Happens fundraising event, an evening of food and wine tasting set to feature several Red Sox teammates as well as other members of the organization. All proceeds will go toward Breslow's nonprofit organization, the Strike 3 Foundation, which works to support childhood cancer research and awareness.

Last year's Sip Happens raised over $300,000 and welcomed nearly 500 guests, including almost all of the team's active roster.

"The support of the Red Sox organization, and my teammates in particular, has been overwhelming," Breslow said. "This team is unique in recognizing the importance of supporting each other's endeavors off the field. Last year, we had nearly every member of the team attend, and I anticipate a similar turnout this year. Without question, the success of events like these hinges on the support of my teammates and this community."

Breslow's older sister, Lesley, developed thyroid cancer as a teen, and she now lives a normal life as a survivor of the disease. The personal connection to the cause played a prominent role in Breslow founding Strike 3 in 2008. He serves as its executive director, with former teammate Andrew Bailey working alongside him as director of development.

"I had always thought that my impact on the medical community would be as a physician," said Breslow, who majored in molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale. "I fulfilled my pre-med requirements as an undergraduate and deferred from NYU School of Medicine for a number of years before needing to choose to pursue my baseball career. I like to think that the work of Strike 3 allows me to remain connected to medicine."

Sip Happens will take place at the WGBH-TV studios in Boston. Visit for further information and details about the event.

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