La Russa clarifies remarks on immigration law

La Russa clarifies remarks on immigration law

ST. LOUIS -- Cardinals manager Tony La Russa reiterated and clarified his remarks on Arizona's controversial immigration law on Thursday, painting the issue as a matter of a state's right to handle its own business.

Earlier in the week, with the D-backs in town, La Russa was asked about the law and said he supported it. On Thursday, he went into some more depth about the issue, though only after making it clear it was not his favorite topic.

"This is sports," he told reporters when first asked on Thursday. "I made my statement. I'm not into politics and stuff. This is about sports. Don't pursue it, because it's just going to upset me more than you're upsetting me now. I've made my statement, I'm not going to amplify it, I'm not going to say anything. Want to talk sports, this is what it's about."

Later, though, he softened and offered more insight into his stance.

"I spoke as a citizen," he said.

"It has nothing to do with Arizona. What it has something to do with is states should take care of what the federal government's not taking care of. That's their responsibility. ... My point is, it isn't about the issue, it's about the principle. The principle is you've got a state that has problems and the federal government isn't fixing them. You just don't say [nothing], you do something."

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