Cash to revisit strange play at plate with MLB

Rays manager agrees with overturned call but wants to clear up 'gray area'

Cash to revisit strange play at plate with MLB

ST. PETERSBURG -- Rays manager Kevin Cash told reporters Tuesday that he would bring up the subject of what happened at home plate Monday night with Major League Baseball.

During the Rays' 6-2 season-opening loss to the Orioles, Baltimore's Steve Pearce tried to score from first on an eighth-inning double by Travis Snider. The relay from right beat Pearce to the plate by a sizeable margin to set the stage for the strange play.

Rene Rivera waited at the plate to tag Pearce, who slid between the Rays catcher's legs at the last instant. Subsequently, the Orioles challenged the out call, and the call was overturned.

"I will [bring it up] when some of the representatives come around," Cash said. "I'm sure we'll bring it up and ask them. Let's be clear. They got the call right. I do agree with that. It was awkward on the runner. What he was going into and also with Rene.

"I know everything, all the rules are for preventing injury. But I'm not sure if we're getting there with the kind of rules that are in place right now. ... It looked like neither one of them knew exactly what to do."

Cash, a former Major League catcher, was asked what would have been the best course of action by Rivera given the circumstances.

"Ideally, either drop down, or just step forward," Cash said. "That's not something you work on in Spring Training. You don't teach a catcher to go attack the guy. You normally are taught, catch the ball [and block the plate] in the past. Now that's where there's a little gray area."

Cash addressed the idea that Pearce feigned giving himself up before sliding.

"I don't know if there was a real intent to fake him out," Cash said. "I know that it did appear he was kind of giving himself up."

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