'Productive' meeting helps Cubs move forward

'Productive' meeting helps Cubs move forward

CHICAGO -- A few of the Cubs said a team meeting on Saturday was beneficial. General manager Jim Hendry felt the players had a chance to "get some things off their chests."

"I thought it was very productive," Derrek Lee said. "Lou [Piniella] had some things to say. I thought it was a good meeting."

The meeting was called in the wake of Carlos Zambrano's dugout tirade on Friday. Piniella asked the players for feedback.

"That's a good sign from the manager," Lee said. "He's willing to take constructive criticism. I thought it was good."

Piniella said he was encouraged by the session because of the players' involvement.

"I got quite a few players to speak up and say some things," Piniella said. "That's what's important. As a manager, I can talk all I want. Invariably, you have to play between the lines. That's really the whole crux of this thing.

"That's why I was happy a lot of players got involved and said things they thought were important," he said. "I thought we played a good game [Saturday] night. Again, we came up short. If we can build on a good performance, where we made nice plays and hustled, it's got to pay dividends for us."

The only topic revealed was that the Cubs players want the lineup posted sooner. Piniella joked that next time, he'll invite the reporters, maybe even provide a transcript.

"It'll be like [President] Obama, and I'll give you a little briefing," he said.