Miami Marlins announce Fish Family loyalty program

2015 Program Launches as Fresh Approach to Strengthening Fanbase

The Miami Marlins today announced the new, rebranded Fish Family Loyalty Program for the 2015 season. Fish Family serves as a new cornerstone marketing initiative to bring Marlins fans together, with unrivaled access to the team.

"When you think about loyalty, it all starts with bringing like-minded people together - as a community, as a family," said Sean Flynn, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Event Booking. "We believe we have created a compelling program that weaves an incredible level of Marlins access into the rewards, and brings members together as a community of passionate and devoted fans that will continue to engage with the team and with each other for years to come."

Fish Family represents a fresh approach to building a fanbase with a unique spin on a loyalty program. Members receive two types of rewards; a full catalog of experiences and memorabilia to redeem their points for, as well as points-free events called "Fish Family Gatherings." "Fish Family Gatherings" are monthly events where members earn an automatic invitation simply by collecting a particular number of points per month. Members easily and automatically earn points through their Marlins ticket purchases, game attendance, merchandise purchases, social media activity, entering broadcast codes and various bonus-point campaigns. Already this year, fans have redeemed rewards such as flying on the team plane, spending the day with the General Manager and being a Coach for the Day.

In 2015, Season Ticket Holders are automatically enrolled in Fish Family to earn points and rewards. Beyond the exceptional rewards, Fish Family offers a variety of exclusive benefits to Season Ticket Holders such as Ticket-For-Ticket Exchange, account Share Partners and the points-free monthly "Fish Family Gatherings."

The Marlins also launched two pilot audiences within Fish Family this season for Individual Game Ticket Purchasers and Group Leaders. These pilot audiences will experiment with the program while having access to the signature features, including earning points, redeeming rewards from the catalog and attending Fish Family Gatherings. Fish Family is also available in the Ballpark app.

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