MLB experts make picks: Who will win it all in 2015?

Panel predicts touted Nationals claiming World Series crown over Mariners

MLB experts make picks: Who will win it all in 2015?

Sure, everyone's a Major League expert before the 162-game marathon begins, and no prognostication is wrong. At least that's true until all the twists and turns unfold on the road to October, and some predictions begin to unravel.

With another perfectly unpredictable season on the horizon, we polled dozens of and MLB Network experts to put together a consensus of which teams will be claiming division titles, Wild Card berths, and ultimately, the game's greatest prize -- the World Series title.

Here's a look at how this group of baseball reporters and analysts sees the 2015 season playing out:

AL EAST: Red Sox
One step back and now another big step forward for the Red Sox is in store, according to our panel. The majority predict Boston's retooled lineup and revamped rotation are headed for a division title, one year after finishing fifth and two years after winning it all. The defending division champion Orioles and Blue Jays were pretty much a dead heat for second place.

The Tigers are the kings of the AL Central jungle until they aren't -- but it's close, and it's not a majority. The Tigers barely edged out the Indians and the defending American League champion Royals as picks to click in the Central. Cue a tight race as Detroit tries to make it five straight division titles.

AL WEST: Mariners
Our group of experts sees King Felix and Co. climbing to the top of the mountain, figuring Nelson Cruz is the final piece of the puzzle. The defending division champion Angels came in second in the poll.

Predictions for the '15 Mariners

AL WILD CARDS: Angels and Indians
The Angels are the clear choice as the top Wild Card team, with the Indians right behind them and Blue Jays hot on their tails.

According to our pool of experts, they'll be raising an American League pennant in Seattle for the first time. The Mariners were followed by the Angels and Red Sox in the voting.

NL EAST: Nationals
Nobody's favored by more people to do big things in 2015 than the Washington Nationals, and our experts concur that the Nats are a heavy favorite to win their division a second straight year, with the Marlins a distant second.

NL CENTRAL: Cardinals
The Cardinals won the division the last two years with the Pirates right on their tail, and that's pretty much how it shapes up with our poll.

NL WEST: Dodgers
Like the Nationals, our panel sees the Dodgers as clear favorites in their division, though the upstart Padres also garnered legitimate support.

NL WILD CARDS: Pirates and Padres
Well, it is an odd year, after all. Our panel of experts sees the Giants' every-other-year pattern continuing in 2015, leaving them out of the Wild Card picture. The Pirates and Padres are lined up for the Wild Card game based on our voting, while the Marlins have plenty of support as well.

NL CHAMPION: Nationals
It's not a landslide, but no need for a runoff, either. It'll be the Nationals as National League champs for the first time, according to our poll, with the Dodgers getting the next highest vote total.

Presumably in a Seattle-Washington Series (might as well get that out of the way now), our poll concludes that the Nationals will be your World Series champions for 2015.

According to our poll of and MLB Network experts, it'll be Matt Williams hoisting that golden trophy encircled in pennants, and a giddy band of Washington Nationals doing the champagne dance in October.

John Schlegel is a national reporter for You can follow him on Twitter @JohnSchlegelMLB. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.