Mariner Moose hologram & mini market of Pepsi and Frito lay products at the new Safeco Field Pepsi Fan Deck

Newest fan attraction is part of Pepsi's 18-year partnership with Mariners

A life-sized interactive hologram of the Mariners Moose will greet fans at the newest feature at Safeco Field, the Pepsi Fan Deck. Located on the Main Level near Section 149, down the left field line, the Pepsi Fan Deck is a one-stop shop for refreshment and snacks from Pepsi and Frito Lay.

The Pepsi Fan Deck is an extension of the Mariners 18-year partnership with Pepsi, which has been the official soft drink of the Mariners since 1997.

Virtual Moose

Through the use of motion sensors and artificial intelligence, a virtual Mariner Moose springs to life with a surprise greeting when fans approach him in the Pepsi Fan Deck. The 3D video image is programmed to shift its orientation as fans move around it. The Moose is posed in front of a miniature replica of the lighted Safeco Field sign that towers over the left field bleachers. It's a great spot for a photo opportunity.

Go-To Spot for Pepsi and Frito Lay Snacks

The Pepsi Fan Deck is the go-to place at Safeco Field for the full line of Pepsi brand beverages and snacks from PepsiCo's Frito Lay line. A wall of commercial coolers holds a variety of Pepsi beverages including sodas, waters, energy and performance drinks, juices and tea. Brands represented include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Pure Leaf Real Brewed Teas, ONE coconut water, Ocean Spray PACt water, Gatorade and Propel. Single-serve Frito Lay snacks include Cracker Jack, an array of flavors of Doritos tortilla chips, Tostitos, Cheetos, Fritos, Ruffles potato chips and more.

Ballpark Signage

In addition to the Fan Deck, Pepsi will have a presence on ballpark signage including a giant lighted Pepsi bottle cap near the flagpole in center field. The 11-foot diameter lighted sign features the stylized red, white and blue Pepsi logo. The Pepsi logo and name are also displayed on a 28-foot lighted sign on the front of the left field bleachers and in the lower left corner of the MarinersVision HD video scoreboard in center field.