Technology Upgrades to Enhance Fan Experience at "The K"

Royals and Major League Baseball Advanced Media Upgrade WiFi

KANSAS CITY, MO (April 1, 2015) - The Kansas City Royals and Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) are providing venue-wide, free WiFi to help fans make the most of their experience at Kauffman Stadium. 

Nearly 600 access points are now placed throughout the stadium and provide coverage of every seat and in every corner of the venue inside the gates. The access points have been installed to look like a natural part of the stadium. The free WiFi platform was initially available at the end of the 2014 regular season and throughout the playoff run to the 2014 World Series. At its peak last year during the playoffs, the platform handled more than 16,000 devices connected at the same time.

WiFi will continue to serve as an important foundation for the At Bat and Ballpark applications, Royals social media platform engagement, seat upgrades, digital ticketing initiatives, and open fan use with their favorite content and applications. To access, fans can connect to "RoyalsWiFi" on their wireless device once inside the stadium.

The Royals and Major League Baseball remind fans that safety remains paramount and ask all fans at Kauffman Stadium to remain attentive to the action on the field at all times. 

For more information, members of the media may contact the Royals Publicity Department at (816) 921-8000.