Victorino takes issue with radio hosts' trade comments

Outfielder says he never said he wanted Mookie dealt for Hamels

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Shane Victorino was offended by comments from Boston talk show hosts Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti that suggested he'd like to see Mookie Betts traded so that the Red Sox can get Cole Hamels.

"All I said was, 'Hey, if we can get Cole Hamels and it's giving up two or three guys, I'm all for it.' I never said anybody's name," said Victorino. "I never said an individual's name. And these guys are quick to the assumption that, because those were the guys they were talking about, that I was trying to call out my teammate or trying to get him shipped away.

"That's the last thing I'm trying to do. If there's one person that's an advocate of the individual who was named in that article, Mookie Betts, it's me. I don't have any fear or feel like there's competition that I've got to get him shipped out of here."

Victorino had told the Philadelphia Daily News a few days ago that he'd welcome the addition of Hamels, the lefty he won a World Series with in 2008. But Victorino never mentioned the Red Sox should trade Betts.

The hosts of the popular "Felger and Mazz" show chose to read between the lines in Wednesday's show, and Victorino was miffed by their interpretation.

"In this particular case," Massarotti said on 98.5 FM in Boston, "you have a 34-year-old, breaking-down outfielder whose job is potentially going to be taken by whom? Mookie Betts, or by default, Rusney Castillo. And so who are we talking about, potentially, in this trade? Mookie Betts. So is that the deal?"

"Really … what a comment," said Felger. "Throwing your young players under the bus, who are competing against you for your job."

Victorino said their interpretation wasn't even close.

"These individuals, who made the situation bigger than it needed to be, have no credibility making statements behind the mic," Victorino said. "Come in the clubhouse, ask me face to face what the situation is and what was being said."

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