Reds to enforce NL rules at spring home games

Visiting American League teams' pitchers must hit

Reds to enforce NL rules at spring home games

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- The Reds have a message for American League teams: For the rest of the Cactus League slate, if you're a Junior Circuit club visiting Cincinnati at Goodyear Ballpark, you're playing National League rules.

It's a departure from the permission of a hybrid scenario in which AL visitors could use the designated hitter while the Reds could have their pitchers hit, if so desired. From now on in Goodyear, it'll be straight NL rules.

"We kind of targeted the 18th as the day we wanted to play National League rules, and not just us, but the teams that we play," Reds manager Bryan Price said. "And I know that that upsets a lot of the American League teams. … I think that they feel that their pitchers are vulnerable if they send them up there.

"I just don't believe in just giving advantages to the opposing team in our ballpark. I know wins and losses [here] don't have anything to do with the type of season that you're going to have in the regular season, but I just don't see why we would have teams come into our ballpark and our pitchers would hit and they would have a DH. It's not our job to make it easier for them to prepare their team."

Price said the Reds will benefit because they have a chance to run their defensive plays against bunts when the opposing teams' pitchers are at the plate.

"If they have a DH in there, we probably won't get a bunt situation the entire game," Price said. "So we like to be accommodating, but starting today, we're no longer accommodating."

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