Hawkins' veteran presence vital to Rockies

Reliever brings two decades of Major League experience to Colorado

Hawkins' veteran presence vital to Rockies

PHOENIX -- When a player has played for 10 teams over 20 years, he picks up quite a bit of knowledge.

LaTroy Hawkins is entering his final season as a Major Leaguer and although the 42-year-old right-hander is still a valuable contributor on the field, his mere presence in the clubhouse is just as vital to the Rockies.

"He's built up a lot of respect in the game amongst his teammates, for good reason," Rockies manager Walt Weiss said. "Anytime you can accumulate wisdom on a team and you have a player spreading that wisdom, it's very valuable. I think all of our young pitchers should follow him around all spring. There's a lot of nuggets there the he can give them."

However, there's more to Hawkins than just a veteran presence. He's also, despite his age, a productive member of the Rockies' bullpen.

Hawkins appeared in 57 games last year and posted a 3.31 ERA.

"There's a fountain of youth somewhere in Texas," Weiss said. "It's pretty special to be able to compete at the elite level for that long and to be effective. It's pretty amazing."

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