Phillies deliver NL ring to Park in Bronx

Phillies deliver NL ring to Park in Bronx

NEW YORK -- When the Yankees were in Oakland for an April series, right-hander Chan Ho Park had to watch as Chad Gaudin and Edwar Ramirez were presented with their World Series championship rings.

Park also saw the Yankees celebrate last Nov. 4 while wearing the uniform of the visiting Phillies, and he again kept quiet while New York staged a gala ceremony before its 2010 home opener. This was enough.

Park urged the Yankees repeatedly to knock it off, yelling, "Hey, we've got to stretch!" to laughter. But the club would have its chance to give Park some retaliation on Tuesday, when the Phillies delivered Park's National League championship ring to Yankee Stadium.

"To bring the ring in this clubhouse, nobody is going to be mad," Park said. "It reminds me of a sad moment when we lost, but it was a pretty good experience. We could have won and got the real rings, but this is the best in the National League.

"I had a lot of fun -- this ring is going to make me not forget how the teammates and staff treated me. Me and my family had fun a lot last year. This ring will make me remember forever."

Park was a key contributor for Philadelphia last year, going 3-3 with a 4.43 ERA in 45 appearances (seven starts) before shining in the postseason, posting four scoreless World Series appearances against the Yankees.

But as Park said hello to his former teammates, nobody was traveling down memory lane about the 2009 postseason.

They were more interested in quizzing Park about an April postgame interview at Fenway Park, one that has become an international YouTube sensation, when Park -- in exceedingly honest fashion -- explained how a recent illness had affected his pitching.

"It's great -- everybody talked about the diarrhea," Park said. "Stop the diarrhea. That's all you want to know? I said, 'Stop it.' It was fun, you know? Everybody back in Korea saw it, too. It's good."

-- Bryan Hoch