MLBPA president Clark visits Mets camp

Union leader has no issue with club's offseason workout or payroll

MLBPA president Clark visits Mets camp

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Tony Clark, along with his special assistants Dave Winfield and Bobby Bonilla, continued his tour of big league camps Sunday morning by meeting with Mets players for what he called his "state of the union" address, and to discuss any concerns the players may have.

Clark discussed several issues regarding the Mets. He said the union investigated but found no issue with a voluntary offseason workout in Port St. Lucie that Mets players were charged to participate in.

"It was our understanding that things ended up going well," Clark said. "That there weren't any issues that [occurred] as a result of the guys being able to come in."

Clark also addressed the Mets' payroll, which is expected to be near $100 million at the start of the season, and said he had no issue with it.

"Quantifying the value of the decision making based on a particular salary number can be a dangerous proposition if you don't have an understanding of what leads to -- or what is leading to - that, or maybe the developments thereafter," Clark said. "Again, we are watching. Suggesting that once it gets to this amount that means everything's great -- that's not accurate."

One of the biggest points of discussion during Clark's meetings with the players has been the new rules to improve the pace of play.

"In some camps that's a bigger piece of conversation than it is in other camps," Clark said. "There are other camps where guys are comfortable across the board, and there are other camps where there are extended meetings because there are questions on any number of issues. Pace of game is simply one piece of that puzzle."

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