Hart's foot recovering nicely from hot tub misfortune

Hart's foot recovering nicely from hot tub misfortune

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Corey Hart moved about McKechnie Field's clubhouse evenly Tuesday morning, displaying no outward sign of the freak accident that will keep him sidelined until the weekend.

Hart wore regular athletic socks and shoes on his feet, including the left one, the side of which had three stitches to close the cut he had suffered Sunday upon entering a whirlpool in the training area of Pirate City.

Sheepishly, Hart blamed a loose filter cover for the mishap.

"As I was entering the tub, I slipped and landed on a filter cover," Hart said. "Plastic, but sharp, and my weight pushed down on it.

"It's frustrating and inconvenient. But as far as injuries go, I've had worse."

Someone turned to the light side of the incident by telling Hart this sounded like a scene out of "Hot Tub Time Machine," a barb that cut a little too close to the truth.

The mishap took Hart back to a time leg problems posed a major problem. He didn't have to go back too far: Injuries to both knees have limited him to 68 total games the last two seasons.

Over the course of his 11-year career, Hart has also dealt with injuries to his right wrist, right elbow, left ankle, little finger, oblique and lower back.

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