Kimbrel creates introductory T-shirts

Kimbrel creates introductory T-shirts

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- As the Braves completed their aggressive roster reconstruction process this winter, the popular joke was they would need to adorn their players with name tags during Spring Training. Craig Kimbrel opted to take a lighthearted approach by designing a T-shirt he and his teammates can wear throughout Spring Training.

When Braves players arrived at Champion Stadium on Saturday, they were presented with T-shirts that have a "Hello my name is" name tag on the left chest. The personalized shirts either included a first name or a nickname that was pressed into the rectangular tag.

Kimbrel's shirt reads, "Hello my name is Dirty Craig." Jason Grilli's shirt reads, "Hello my name is Grilled Cheese."

"They're comfortable, and this is going to be my best Spring Training of knowing everybody's name," Kimbrel said. "I guarantee I'll know everybody's name. I think it should be mandatory every Spring Training."

Though Kimbrel did all of the legwork to have shirts produced, he said he is going to tell Freddie Freeman he needs to provide a portion of his franchise-record eight-year, $135 million contract to account for the cost.

"Freddie is going to help me pay for them," Kimbrel said. "He doesn't know that yet."

Mark Bowman is the Braves beat reporter for He has been covering the club since 2001.

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