Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat with Fred Zinkie

Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat with Fred Zinkie fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Friday. To learn from someone who's been there and won that, check out the chat transcript below and the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle,'s Player Preview. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

Q: @ESPNGraziano: With a $260 cap, pick three between Clayton Kershaw for $37, Andrew McCutchen for $37, Edwin Encarnacion for $21, Nolan Arenado for $3 and Kolten Wong for $1.

A: Encarnacion, Arenado and McCutchen.

Q: @chizzay: What is your general outlook on Bryce Harper this year?

A: He should be much better, but let someone else pay for stud status for now.

Q: @blanconino78: How much of a hit do Nelson Cruz's numbers take at Safeco Field? Worse than the trio (Justin Upton, Matt Kemp, Wil Myers) with the Padres?

A: Expect 30-32 home runs. They all take a hit.

Q: @mitchanderson15: What do you expect from Victor Martinez this year?

A: Close to a full season. I'm not that worried at this point.

Q: @SpiritofBronson: Are you buying into Mark Teixeira's gluten-free diet? He sure seems confident that a 30-homer, 100-RBI year is possible.

A: Not yet. He still has to deal with shifts.

Q: @Fbaseballguru: What are your realistic projections for Yasmany Tomas this season?

A: 20 home runs with a .260 batting average.

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Q: @SpiritofBronson: Cody Allen, Steve Cishek or Drew Storen?

A: Cishek. He is safe and skilled. And he's on an improving team.

Q: @SpiritofBronson: Who will have a more valuable head-to-head league fantasy season: Marcus Semien, Chase Headley or Xander Bogaerts? I'm looking for a bargain third baseman.

A: Take Headley, but the other two are fine sleepers.

Q: @ward2245: Do you think Chris Davis will have a bounceback season?

A: A bit of a bounceback. But don't expect 2013.

Q: @Grayson_R93: Matt Kemp or Ryan Braun?

A: Braun. He could warrant a late second-round pick.

Q: @SportsTalk420: @fantasy411 Who are the top-three pitchers who have the best chance of becoming legit fantasy aces this year?

A: Alex Cobb, Jordan Zimmermann and Tyson Ross.

Q: @charliemidnite: How will the Red Sox outfield jam be fixed? Who goes where?

A: Mookie Betts, unfortunately, could be odd-man out.

Q: @Grayson_R93: Hanley Ramirez (as an OF) or Ryan Braun?

A: Ramirez. He has terrific upside in Boston if he can get 500 at-bats.

Q: @JeremyTiermini: Do you foresee a rebound for Shin-Soo Choo?

A: Yes, I do. He could be at least 85-90 percent of his old level.

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Q: @BScott1121: Can James Paxton be a top-30 starter this year?

A: Possibly, but more likely in 2016 or 2017.

Q: @ConnHawk: How much regression will Todd Frazier have? Can he put up same or similar counting stats as 2014?

A: Some regression. Maybe 20-25 homers, 15 steals.

Q: @King_Fantasy: With no specific needs, who has more potential in a dynasty league: Yasmany Tomas or Jose Peraza?

A: Peraza for the long term. Tomas for 2015.

Q: @KyleEdwards17: Does Jake Odorizzi take a step forward this year?

A: He should have a great strikeout rate. But he will need to work deeper into games.

Q: @TheReal_Ankur: Can you rank Lance Lynn, Doug Fister, Mat Latos and Garrett Richards in a standard head-to-head league?

A: Richards, Latos, Fister, Lynn.

Q: @MrSmith955: Starling Marte or Corey Dickerson in a dynasty league?

A: Tough call! Marte, because Dickerson could eventually lose value if he leaves Colorado.

Q: @Schreib17: Who has a better fantasy year: Marcus Stroman or Kevin Gausman?

A: Stroman should be much better.

Q: @deckholm: Who would you rather have in 2015: Prince Fielder or Joey Votto? What about in a dynasty league?

A: Fielder for 2015, Votto in a dynasty league.

Q: @blanconino78: Is Yasmany Tomas going to have any impact this year?

A: He should be a useful mixed-league third baseman. He has solid power.

Q: @Waxpacks: Jacob deGrom or Carlos Carrasco in 2015-16?

A: They are very similar. I give a narrow edge to deGrom. The National League is more forgiving.

Q: @einstein2u: Alex Wood or Alex Cobb?

A: Cobb. He's a nice No. 2 starter in mixed leagues.

Q: @MaxyJprime: Will Marco Gonzales make enough of an impact this year to warrant drafting?

A: Not in mixed leagues. Maybe late in NL-only leagues, if you have a large bench.

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Q: @pompomgrl: Should you save a spot on your roster in a keeper league for a player who is on the disabled list?

A: Yes, if the player is a possible star.

Q: @TalentedRotoKid: David Price or Stephen Strasburg?

A: Strasburg, but it is very close. Price could be great in contract year.

Q: @SamuelGorski: For an fantasy league in which you take entire team's pitching staff, what is your top five for 2015?

A: Nationals, Dodgers, Mariners, Angels, Mets.

Q: @met_jet1: What do you think of Mike Zunino?

A: He's a low-end No. 2 catcher. He could hit 17-20 homers, but with a .210-.230 batting average.

Q: @jmitchem: Michael Pineda or Scott Kazmir?

A: Very even. Take the upside and try Pineda.

Q: @chizzay: How about a late-round stash; any lucrative players?

A: Drew Hutchison.

Q: @ReverendAdam2: Who would you keep: Felix Hernandez or Chris Sale?

A: Hernandez. He has such a long track record of elite production.

Q: @Fbaseballguru: What are your thoughts on Joc Pederson this year? Is he a better option than Brett Lawrie at utility?

A: He has exciting upside. Yes over Lawrie.

Q: @shawnpmcd: Would you rather have Hanley Ramirez or Jose Reyes as a shortstop for a head-to-head points league?

A: Ramirez. His move to left field may keep him in the lineup.

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