MLB raising awareness about domestic violence

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Red Sox will have several important things to do on the field Saturday, but they'll also have a pressing matter in the clubhouse. Boston's players and coaches will sit down with Major League Baseball staff for a primer in how to avoid domestic-violence situations.

"This is new. It's mandated for everyone to take part in," said manager John Farrell of the impetus for the meeting. "We as a staff are not allowed to be in with the players. That's their time. We'll go through that education separately, but everyone is required to go through it."

Farrell said he expected the league to make a presentation in order to protect the players and their loved ones, and he also said he expected the players to be able to ask questions. The bottom line, he said, is that everyone hopes to be on the same page in preventing future acts of violence.

"This is as much the league as it is the Red Sox," said Farrell. "When players understand that this is being done for their own benefit, they have to take notice that not only is it important, but what are some potential warning signs? How do you avoid ending up in a difficult situation?"

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