Cherington's extension happened months ago

Henry pleased with management duo of general manager, skipper

Cherington's extension happened months ago

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Though the news of general manager Ben Cherington signing a contract extension didn't come out until manager John Farrell got his new deal on Saturday, it actually happened eight or nine months ago.

"I remember thinking that we wanted to announce them both at the same time, but I think Ben's deal was done in May or June last year," said owner John Henry. "When it's your deal, if you're Ben, the last thing you want to do is talk about your deal. That's the kind of guy he is. He doesn't like to talk about personal things."

Though Henry didn't think it was appropriate to discuss the length of Cherington's extension, he did refer to it as "a long-term deal."

Boston's principal owner hopes to keep the Cherington-Farrell combination together for a long time.

"I feel terrific that we have two guys who are not only tremendous at what they do, but are great people, love working together, we love working with them," Henry said. "It's really an idyllic situation. We'd really like to keep this management team for a long time."

Though there was some element of surprise to both deals being publicized on the heels of a last-place finish, Henry didn't think the season was reflective of the leadership of his GM or manager.

"In some ways, it might mean more when you have a bad year," Henry said. "We know the reasons we had a bad year. We took a lot of risks last year. We started rookies who weren't really ready yet. We took risks. But I have tremendous confidence, the whole organization has confidence in those two guys."

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