Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat with Fred Zinkie

Best of Fantasy411 Twitter chat with Fred Zinkie fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded more than 100 questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Friday afternoon.

To learn from someone who's been there and won that, check out the best questions from Friday's chat below. For a full viewing of the Q&A -- or to ask fantasy questions of your own -- go to @Fantasy411 on Twitter.

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(Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.)

Q: @RobbieThayer: Who do you take as a 2B late in the draft: Chase Utley or Howie Kendrick?

A: Kendrick. Similar power/speed, better average, more durable.

Q: @cecilrippy: I have one "rookie" keeper slot to fill. Do I keep Joey Gallo or Yasmany Tomas?

A: Go Gallo. He will arrive later but could offer rare power.

Q: @egonzalez1000 Is there any upside to Matt Wieters this season? Until the injury last season, he was pretty good.

A: Definite upside. Could top 20 homers, maybe even 25. Watch him closely in Spring Training.

Q: @dastayathomefan: How much Spring ball should pass before starting my fantasy league? This is my first season playing fantasy MLB. Thanks!

A: Wait as long as possible. One week before Opening Day for the draft is a good aiming point.

Q: @VitMazz1 Would you go Clayton Kershaw or Mike Trout first pick?

A: Trout should go first in every league with a fairly standard scoring system.

Q: @Grayson_R93 Better closer in 2015: Cody Allen or Drew Storen?

A: Pretty similar, but take Allen for the higher strikeout rate.

Q: @Grayson_R93 Who would you pick in a head-to-head points league: Jake Arrieta, Yordano Ventura or Carlos Carrasco?

A: Arrieta. The move to the NL did wonders for him.

Q: ‪@UncleHosh Pick one: Prince Fielder, Joey Votto or Adrian Gonzalez.

A: Go safe. Take Gonzalez. He's a reliable run producer.

Q: @512Frittelli Is Wil Myers worthy of being a 17th-round keeper?

A: Yes, if you don't have better options. Myers still has upside.

Q: @brianwaggs Hanley Ramirez's value will increase with added OF eligibility. Who else gains value 10 games in?

A: Stephen Vogt will be the biggest one when he gets 10 games at catcher.

Q: ‪@YourFace250 Need my fifth keeper. Carlos Gonzalez or Jonathan Lucroy? It's a one-catcher league and price does not matter.

A: With one catcher, go Gonzalez. Take a catcher late.

Q: ‪@aaroncharles18 Who is a better bounce-back candidate: Carlos Gonzalez or Jason Kipnis?

A: Kipnis. He has little health concerns. His speed is solid. He just needs to regain power.

Q: ‪@Heresnow Do you have any worries about Josh Donaldson's 2014 lefty-righty splits?

A: Small concern, but the move to Toronto's park and lineup should help him.

Q: ‪@MikeKomertz Do you like Brandon Belt this year?

A: News that he should hit third raises optimism. He's not yet a top-12 first baseman, but he is a fine corner-infield option.

Q: @tonycaruso6 In a 10-team head-to-head league, should I keep Corey Kluber in the 7th round or Aroldis Chapman in the 9th?

A: Tough call! Go with Kluber. Easier to draft saves.

Q: @tonycaruso6 Is Billy Hamilton a good keeper in a points league?

A: Not as good as in roto leagues. It depends on the other options.

Q: ‪@CallahanJesse Do you prefer Alcides Escobar or Erick Aybar at shortstop?

A: They are very, very similar. I give a slight lean toward Aybar for his long-term track record.

Q: ‪@chrisbahnNJ Should I go with Jose Abreu or Miguel Cabrera as a keeper?

A: Abreu. No injury concerns.

Q: ‪@khanadian17 With a rebuilding team looking two years away, should I keep Rusney Castillo or Yasmany Tomas? The categories are runs, hits, home runs, RBIs, steals, strikeouts, total bases, average, OBP and OPS.

A: Castillo.

Q: ‪@slaugin Is Lucas Duda worth a keeper spot as a 14th-rounder?

A: For sure. But expect a slight RBI regression.

Q: ‪@RJS_3 In a 16-team league with 10 keepers, who would you keep for your last spot: Jorge Soler or Rusney Castillo?

A: Hard choice! Go with Soler.

Q: @RSuchomel Who would be a good first-month rental at third base while waiting for Yasmany Tomas to gain eligibility? I'm looking for a third baseman ranked 20-30.

A: Trevor Plouffe, Nick Castellanos or David Freese.

Q: ‪@RedFromNZ Would you be comfortable with Carlos Gonzalez as the No. 2 outfielder in a 10-team roto league?

A: Yes, as long as he was no higher than the third- or fourth-best hitter on the team.

Q: ‪@TipsyPuskarik Rank these guys for a head-to-head points league: Jake Arrieta, Carlos Carrasco, Hisashi Iwakuma and Alex Wood.

A: Arrieta, Iwakuma, Carrasco, Wood.

Q: ‪@ajB_real What are your thoughts on Starling Marte for 2015 and beyond?

A: He has Carlos Gomez-type upside. Maybe not in 2015, though.

Q: ‪@Sherrymon Is Clayton Kershaw worth the third-overall pick in a 10-team standard roto league?

A: Yes. But Andrew McCutchen and Giancarlo Stanton are also good choices.

Q: ‪@istrong1 In an 18-team head-to-head league, should I go with Troy Tulowitzki or Hanley Ramirez at shortstop?

A: Very close. Go Ramirez, as his move to the outfield may help his durability.

Q: ‪@smiggy1985 Is there any chance that Mookie Betts plays the infield? Where do you think he hits?

A: He should hit leadoff. He is unlikely to play the infield.

Q: ‪@Heresnow I'm playing to defend 2014 12-keeper-league title. Should I go with a full year of Mookie Betts for $2 or delayed debut Byron Buxton for $2.

A: Betts. Win now. Flags fly forever.

Thanks for chatting! More than 100 questions answered! See you next time. For now, check for daily updates.

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