Kershaw goes eephus in proposal to wife

Kershaw goes eephus in proposal to wife

LOS ANGELES -- Clayton and Ellen Kershaw met as freshmen in high school and, as Kershaw tells the story, his marriage proposal to her took so long she probably had given up that it would ever happen.

When Ellen came home to Dallas from college for Thanksgiving after Kershaw's third professional season, again, no ring. So over Christmas break, Kershaw figured it was time.

They spent the day at Six Flags and Kershaw even splurged for a VIP pass to cut the lines. A limo took the couple to the iconic rotating Reunion Tower restaurant in Dallas for a Wolfgang Puck gourmet dinner and then returned them to his townhouse. That's where he popped the question and she said yes.

"She had to have known something was up at dinner. She claims not," Kershaw told interviewer Graham Bensinger. "It's not like we limo every day. She had to know something was going on."

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