San Francisco Giants and Bon Appetit Management Company Launch Outdoor Classroom for Kids in The Garden at AT&T Park

San Francisco, CA (February 12, 2015) - The San Francisco Giants and their award-winning food service partner, Bon Appétit Management Company, will launch an outdoor culinary education program for children in The Garden at AT&T Park on Wednesday, February 18. Children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco's Tenderloin Clubhouse , the YMCA's Shih Yu-Lang Central location and the Junior Giants will visit The Garden for the first of a series of field trips offered to children in the community to learn about growing, harvesting, preparing and eating locally cultivated food.

"Many of the children participating in our Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA location live in the Tenderloin, a place where it's a daily struggle to find healthy food options. Because access to fresh fruits and vegetables is so limited in this food desert, seeing how they are grown, tasting them, and cooking with them in The Garden at AT&T Park will be a powerful experience for these children," said Chuck Collins, president and CEO of YMCA San Francisco.

The Giants and Bon Appétit opened The Garden at AT&T Park last June, in the midst of the Giants 2014 World Series Championship season. Fans quickly adopted this unique ballpark venue as a place to gather, eat, and cheer on the Giants.

During the 2015 season, The Garden at AT&T Park will further its reach in the community and serve as a gathering place for children and youth as well as fans. In this one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom, children will learn about the importance of healthy eating, see first-hand where food comes from and how it grows, and participate in cooking classes alongside Bay Area chefs.

"For a long time, I've wanted to help connect children and our larger community directly to the origins of their food and to inspire them to make healthy and responsible food choices," said Fedele Bauccio, CEO and cofounder of Bon Appétit. "Our chefs throughout the Bay Area are excited to share their passion for food and cooking with the next generation."

"We are excited to provide our community partners, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, YMCAand Junior Giants, a program that will teach the children and youth they serve about the connection between what they eat and their health and wellbeing," said Giants President and CEO Larry Baer.