Koehler brings new meaning to 'diamond ring'

Koehler brings new meaning to 'diamond ring'

MIAMI -- There are diamond rings, and then there are rings given on the diamond.

To Marlins right-hander Tom Koehler, a ballfield was the perfect place to propose to his then-softball-star girlfriend, Ashley.

Tom prepared to pop the question to Ashley, his college sweetheart at Stony Brook University, in October 2010 during an alumni softball game. With the coaches in on the surprise, time-out was called and a mound visit took place during Ashley's at-bat.

As the coach headed to talk to the pitcher, Tom walked up to the plate and sprung the question.

Courtesy Tom Koehler.

"It was funny -- she kind of shook her head," Koehler said. "She never actually said yes."

A gamer, Ashley initially wanted to keep playing.

"She tried to hand me back the ring," Koehler said. "She wanted to finish up her at-bat."

The rest of the players would have no part of that. Ashley was replaced so she could savor the moment with Tom. The two married in the fall of 2012.

Tom was riding high in the fall of 2010. He was named Southern League Pitcher of the Year and won the league championship with Double-A Jacksonville. A month later, he was engaged.

"It was a nice way to end a great year," Tom said.

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