Izturis slides into first

Izturis slides into first in SS voting

It iz a fact: Cesar Izturis of the Los Angeles Dodgers leads all National League shortstops in All-Star votes.

According to balloting totals released on Tuesday by Major League Baseball, the 25-year-old Venezuelan polled more than 209,000 votes last week to vault into first place -- ahead of David Eckstein of the Cardinals and Nomar Garciaparra of the Cubs.

Izturis leads Eckstein by just under 17,000 votes, while Garciaparra -- who led the first two weeks -- is in third place, some 37,000 votes behind Izturis. In the last 10 days, Izturis, out to make the All-Star team for the first time, has jumped from sixth place to the top of the shortstop balloting.

The remainder of the NL leaders for the July 12 All-Star Game at Comerica Park in Detroit remains unchanged from last week, with St. Louis having three leaders in first baseman Albert Pujols, center fielder Jim Edmonds and third baseman Scott Rolen.

New York Mets center fielder Carlos Beltran leads the outfield voting, and his teammate Mike Piazza is leading at catcher. Philadelphia's Bobby Abreu held down the third starting spot in the outfield for the second straight week, while Jeff Kent of the Dodgers remains solidly in first place at second base.

Pujols leads all National Leaguers with 1,029,836 votes. Only Boston's David Ortiz (1,376,625), Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees (1,209,382) and Baltimore's Miguel Tejada (1,058,761), all in the American League, have received more votes than the Cardinal slugger.

Pujols passed the one-million mark in votes, but his margin over Derrek Lee of the Chicago Cubs actually shrank by more than 100,000 votes. Lee, who has received 820,480 votes, trails Pujols by 209,356. A week ago Lee faced a deficit of nearly 315,000.

Among National Leaguers, only Izturis and Chicago third baseman Aramis Ramirez enjoyed a bigger week at the ballot box than Florida outfielder Miguel Cabrera, who received 182,980 votes to surpass Ken Griffey Jr. of Cincinnati and slide into fourth place behind Abreu.

Kent widened his lead at second base from approximately 184,000 to nearly 330,000 votes. Kent also has a different player chasing him, as Mark Grudzielanek of St. Louis has overtaken Houston's Craig Biggio for second place.

Ramirez received 206,146 votes to jump from fourth to second place in the third base race while passing Troy Glaus of Arizona and Atlanta's Chipper Jones.

Piazza maintained a commanding lead over Paul Lo Duca of the Marlins and Michael Barrett of the Cubs. Barrett jumped from sixth place to third.

Should Izturis make the Midsummer Classic, he would immediately become the answer to a trivia question as the only All-Star position player with a last name starting with the letter I. Pitcher Jason Isringhausen was an All-Star with Oakland in 2000.

Fans can cast their votes up to 25 times with the Ameriquest All-Star Online Ballot, which is available exclusively at MLB.com and all 30 club sites. Ballots also are being punched at each Major League ballpark. Online balloting ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on June 30.

From July 3-6, fans will once again be able to participate in the Ameriquest All-Star Final Vote, which determines the final position player for each League's 32-man roster.

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Results as of June 13:

1st Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Pujols, A.Cardinals1,029,836
2. Lee, D.Cubs820,480
3. Mientkiewicz, D.Mets284,718
4. Bagwell, J.Astros193,710
5. Delgado, C.Marlins180,227

2nd Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Kent, J.Dodgers774,468
2. Grudzielanek, M.Cardinals435,469
3. Biggio, C.Astros404,778
4. Walker, T.Cubs318,259
5. Giles, M.Braves303,062

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Izturis, C.Dodgers469,967
2. Eckstein, D.Cardinals458,407
3. Garciaparra, N.Cubs432,239
4. Barmes, C.Rockies339,278
5. Furcal, R.Braves335,326

3rd Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Rolen, S.Cardinals752,471
2. Ramirez, A.Cubs488,255
3. Jones, C.Braves478,449
4. Glaus, T.Diamondbacks438,810
5. Wright, D.Mets316,073

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Piazza, M.Mets760,342
2. Lo Duca, P.Marlins503,885
3. Barrett, M.Cubs354,478
4. Hernandez, R.Padres340,465
5. Molina, Y.Cardinals318,210

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Beltran, C.Mets877,677
2. Edmonds, J.Cardinals768,962
3. Abreu, B.Phillies678,353
4. Cabrera, M.Marlins519,614
5. Griffey Jr., K.Reds491,641
6. Walker, L.Cardinals419,733
7. Bradley, M.Dodgers396,205
8. Floyd, C.Mets365,005
9. Jones, A.Braves358,581
10. Patterson, C.Cubs318,317
11. Drew, J.Dodgers313,164
12. Burrell, P.Phillies307,988
13. Burnitz, J.Cubs281,758
14. Sanders, R.Cardinals270,779
15. Dunn, A.Reds238,690

Jim Molony is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.