Red Sox get 'Queer Eye' overhaul

All eyes on Red Sox makeovers

ST. LOUIS -- Through the wonders of modern technology, the Red Sox were playing a baseball game at Busch Stadium on Tuesday night at the same time five or their players were starring in the season premiere of the Bravo television show, "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy."

Of course, the show was taped back in March. Still, the five players who participated (Johnny Damon, Kevin Millar, Doug Mirabelli, Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield) have yet to watch the finished product of the show.

They expect to get a hold of a tape by the time they return to Boston on Monday. In the meantime, they'll listen to reviews from their closest friends and family members.

"I did hear that it came out pretty good," said Damon. "It was so great when we were doing it. In the end, we had a good time. We helped out kids [in Port Charlotte, Fla.] who really needed their baseball field fixed. I think it was great. I think the Red Sox organization showed the world that we're great, and that we're good sports about everything."

Damon just wishes he wasn't recovering from a skin infection called cellulitis at the time the show was filmed, because it limited his involvement.

"Kevin was definitely the character of the show," said Damon. "I wish my participation was a little happier, but I was going through a little sickness."

Millar, unsurprisingly, seemed to have enough fun for everybody.

"Yeah, I got some quite funny messages today," said Millar. "I wish I could let you guys listen to them. There was some funny stuff, a lot of players around the league, and a lot of family and friends called. I still haven't seen it. I think we're going to try and get a copy. Pat Burrell left me a pretty funny message."

Burrell simply wondered what kind of positive feedback Millar was getting from his new look.

But Millar admits that his look hasn't changed a whole lot, despite his hours with the Fab Five.

"My facial didn't do much, as you can see," Millar said. "And the wardrobe has actually stayed the same, cowboy boots, jeans and T-shirts," said Millar.

The show also helped the Port Charlotte, Fla., Little League, which lost its field to Hurricane Charley last year. It is what made it especially worthwhile to several Sox players, and baseball fans can further help that organization through a joint effort of and Bravo. Bidding is already under way at the Auction for five Red Sox jerseys that were each customized for that episode with the first name of that Fab Five member -- and signed by Red Sox participants in the show. Proceeds go to the Port Charlotte league.

One of the jerseys up for bidding is a pink Red Sox jersey -- which looks like a regular home jersey that was accidentally washed with the red alternate jersey -- that was worn by Carson during the taping. It says "arson" on the back because the "C" fell off during the taping, making it even more interesting. And in addition to the red jerseys each worn by the other four members of the Fab Five, there is also a red Carson jersey that was almost used during the taping, also autographed by the show's stars and the participating Red Sox players.

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