Yost happily surprised by appreciation at FanFest

Yost happily surprised by appreciation at FanFest

KANSAS CITY -- Almost since the day Ned Yost took over as the Royals' manager in 2010, he's faced his fair share of criticism from the media. He even said he's heard insults from fans sitting behind the dugout.

Perhaps those days are coming to an end, thanks to the Royals' amazing run to the World Series in 2014. There was some evidence of that change at the Royals' FanFest event this weekend.

Asked if he noticed any difference in Royals fans during this year's event as opposed to previous years, Yost said, "Yeah, I had a guy [Friday night] during my question-and-answer thing with the fans who actually got up and said he liked me. That's never happened before. So yeah, there has been a huge change."

Yost said he had no idea what prompted the fan to declare his admiration.

"He went on this thing for about 10 minutes about how great I was," Yost said. "I thought, 'Where is this coming from?'

"There was no question. He didn't have a question. He just had to tell me how great I was."

And did the rest of the crowd applaud after the fan's speech?

"I don't know," Yost said. "If they did, I missed it because I was so shocked."

Jeffrey Flanagan is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.