Astros reach out to previously drafted players

Astros reach out to previously drafted players

HOUSTON -- Bobby Heck, the Astros' general manager in charge of scouting, said former Houston Draft picks Derek Dietrich, Brett Eibner and Chad Bettis have all signed consent forms to be drafted by the Astros again. All three were drafted in 2007 but didn't sign with the club and attended college instead.

"We've reached out and re-established a relationship with the three players," Heck said. "They're all players who we do have interest in, and we've continued the evaluation process. They have signed consent to re-select [forms] if we decide to select them. We've done the work there, and they would like to be Astros."

Dietrich, a third baseman, was drafted in the third round by the Astros and wound up attending Georgia Tech. Eibner, a right-hander/outfielder from the Houston area, went in the fourth round and went to Arkansas. Bettis, a right-hander, attends Texas Tech.

General manager Ed Wade said the Astros want to draft the best player available, regardless if they've been drafted by the club before or not.

"Whether one of those three players or somebody [whose father] has a legacy in the organization is the right player at the right time, we're going to talk to that player," Wade said.

Dickie Thon Jr., whose father, Dickie Thon, was an All-Star shortstop for the Astros in 1983, attended the Astros' pre-Draft workout Thursday.