Royals pleased with Yost

Royals pleased with Yost

KANSAS CITY -- Royals manager Ned Yost gets a positive rating so far from general manager Dayton Moore.

"I think he's done a terrific job," Moore said. "He's very focused and he intends on getting where this organization needs to be. ... He's very direct in the way he does things -- I like it."

Moore recalled that he was impressed with Yost from the time he was hired as a special advisor last winter.

"We had just come off a very disappointing year where the expectations were high. You're always looking for people to join your organization and bring energy and morale in perspective and Ned is able to do that," he said.

Moore added that Yost's six years as Milwaukee manager and his background as a catcher were proving valuable in his handling of the pitching staff.

"It's very clear that he has a great feel for the pitching aspect of it, which is the most important part of it," Moore said.