Minaya joins MLBPA staff as senior advisor

Omar Minaya, who has a wealth and range of experience as a player, coach, scout and in the front office, joined the Players Association staff Thursday as a senior advisor to executive director Tony Clark.

In his new role, Minaya, 56, will focus on the areas of domestic game development, from youth leagues to the Major Leagues, as well as international affairs and on-field play.

"We feel fortunate to be in a position to hire someone with Omar's experience and reputation," Clark said. "His vast and diverse knowledge of all aspects of the sport will afford the union and our members an unprecedented and invaluable level of expertise in any of a growing number of issues of importance to players, domestically and abroad."

Minaya's 30 years of experience includes three years as general manager of the Montreal Expos, becoming the first Hispanic to serve in that role, and six years as general manager of the New York Mets, during which the club won the NL East title in 2006 with an NL-best 97 victories. Most recently he had been senior vice president of baseball operations for the San Diego Padres.

"I have long considered myself a players' administrator with a complete belief that the players are not only the face of the game, but they provide the sport with its heart and soul," Minaya said.

"I share the players' and Tony's views on the state of the game, especially as they relate to what active and inactive players are doing to help develop the game, widen its appeal and excite the next generation of players, while ensuring the integrity of the competition on the field is maintained."