Boston leads way in AL All-Star voting

Boston leads way in All-Star voting

Is Red Sox Nation going to set up shop in Detroit, at least temporarily? Boston could be in position to turn Comerica Park into a Fenway Park annex in early July, if the latest results in voting for the All-Star Game are any indication.

Three members of the defending World Series champions continue to lead at their positions -- catcher Jason Varitek, outfielder Manny Ramirez and DH David Ortiz. Boston's designated hitter leads all AL players on the ballot in votes received with 958,811.

A pair of Red Sox are also runners-up at their position, interestingly to the only two Yankees running No. 1. Bill Mueller ranks second behind Alex Rodriguez at third base, albeit by over 500,000 votes, and first baseman Kevin Millar trails Tino Martinez by nearly 141,000 votes.

Boston center fielder Johnny Damon is also a runner-up, in a sense, among outfielders. He ranks fourth, behind the leading trio of Ramirez, Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki and Vladimir Guerrero of the Angels. Meanwhile, Boston's third outfielder, Trot Nixon, made one of the biggest moves of the week by going from ninth to seventh in the voting, leapfrogging Sammy Sosa and Torii Hunter.

Since the first voting update released last week, the only position change among the leaders took place between Suzuki and Guerrero, who swapped places in the voting but are both still on pace to start. Ichiro now leads the defending AL MVP by 12,000-plus votes.

Another member of the Red Sox, Mark Bellhorn, is third among second basemen, where the vote continues to be led by Baltimore's Brian Roberts over the three-time incumbent, Alfonso Soriano of the Rangers in the closest position battle thus far. Roberts leads by fewer than 43,000 votes.

Another member of the surprising Orioles' infield, third baseman Melvin Mora, has vaulted into third place ahead of Seattle's Adrian Beltre.

AL All-Star balloting update
Pos.Current leaderTeam
1BMartinez, T.Yankees
2BRoberts, B.Orioles
SSTejada, M.Orioles
3BRodriguez, A.Yankees
CVaritek, J.Red Sox
DHOrtiz, D.Red Sox
OFRamirez, M.Red Sox
OFSuzuki, I.Mariners
OFGuerrero, V.Angels
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Roberts' doubleplay partner, Miguel Tejada, is in line to join him in Detroit. Tejada retained his edge over Derek Jeter of the Yankees. Boston's Edgar Renteria is in third.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox thus far are the only team to place a player in the top three at every position, which should make Terry Francona, who will manage the AL squad by virtue of the Boston's AL title last season, fairly familiar with his lineup come July 12. He is the first Boston manager to skipper an All-Star Team since John McNamara in 1987.

The Yankees, with Jason Giambi second to Ortiz, Jorge Posada third among catchers and outfielders Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui sharing the runners-up tier with Damon, are also well-represented in the voting.

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Results as of June 6:

1st Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Martinez, T.Yankees473,844
2. Millar, K.Red Sox332,888
3. Konerko, P.White Sox293,405
4. Teixeira, M.Rangers272,032
5. Sexson, R.Mariners201,264

2nd Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Roberts, B.Orioles629,574
2. Soriano, A.Rangers587,083
3. Bellhorn, M.Red Sox276,636
4. Womack, T.Yankees220,773
5. Boone, B.Mariners131,258

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Tejada, M.Orioles713,587
2. Jeter, D.Yankees587,109
3. Renteria, E.Red Sox391,683
4. Guillen, C.Tigers126,621
5. Young, M.Rangers115,573

3rd Base
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Rodriguez, A.Yankees860,958
2. Mueller, B.Red Sox314,350
3. Mora, M.Orioles216,709
4. Beltre, A.Mariners192,449
5. Blalock, H.Rangers169,975

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Varitek, J.Red Sox633,959
2. Rodriguez, I.Tigers472,364
3. Posada, J.Yankees350,969
4. Lopez, J.Orioles239,847
5. Mauer, J.Twins139,352

Designated Hitter
Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Ortiz, D.Red Sox958,811
2. Giambi, J.Yankees248,540
3. Palmeiro, R.Orioles244,258
4. Young, D.Tigers184,251
5. Thomas, F.White Sox126,590

Player NameTeamTotal Votes
1. Ramirez, M.Red Sox758,904
2. Suzuki, I.Mariners707,654
3. Guerrero, V.Angels695,246
4. Damon, J.Red Sox609,597
5. Sheffield, G.Yankees516,140
6. Matsui, H.Yankees431,461
7. Nixon, T.Red Sox304,906
8. Hunter, T.Twins296,150
9. Sosa, S.Orioles289,719
10. Williams, B.Yankees234,305
11. Podsednik, S.White Sox187,533
12. Anderson, G.Angels137,652
13. Finley, S.Angels130,336
14. Jones, J.Twins110,101
15. Dye, J.White Sox97,566

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