History in the making for Nationals

History in the making for Nationals

Outfielder Brad Wilkerson will be making history at 12:30 p.m. ET Saturday. He will become the first member of the Nationals to host "This Week in Baseball."

For Wilkerson, it will be his second appearance on the FOX network show. As a member of the Expos, Wilkerson, along with shortstop Orlando Cabrera and outfielder Ron Calloway, did the "Plays of the Week" segment in 2003.

On Saturday, Wilkerson, 27, takes baseball fans on a tour of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium and the Washington, D.C. area. He interacts with the residents and is surprised that most of them know who he is.

"It was a lot of fun, being on camera and mingling with the people in Washington," Wilkerson said. "It's good to experience things that you are not used to doing. It was surprising how many people knew me and how many people didn't. People knew who we were. That was the biggest thing.

"We'll see how the show turns out. Hopefully they will make me look good."

According to Mitchell Scherr, the lead producer for TWIB, Wilkerson shot the episode during the Nationals' first-ever homestand in April and did a great job. Scherr also said the show will take a brief look at Wilkerson's four-plus years in the big leagues.

"We'll be looking at the two cycles that he hit during his career. He also takes a takes a tour of Washington Monuments and the Smithsonian," Scherr said.

While Wilkerson will turn up throughout the show, TWIB will have others features on Saturday.

Beyond the Fence looks at two international developments -- the newly announced World Baseball Classic and Jim Lefebvre's Chinese National Baseball Team.

Correspondent Jennie Finch returns to the spotlight this season, learning how to charge a bunt and throw to first while in motion from Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez in "Pepsi Pitch, Hit and Run with Jennie Finch."

From The Vaults takes its cue from Wilkerson and delves deep into the MLB archives for a history of D.C. baseball, and in "How 'Bout That," the top moments of the week are set to the sounds of the single "Goodnight, Goodnight" from "Hot Hot Heat."

This Week in Baseball, in its 28th season, is the longest-running sports anthology series currently in production. The show airs Saturdays on FOX. Pepsi has been the presenting sponsor of This Week in Baseball since 2001.

Bill Ladson is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.