Ozzie takes fine in stride

Ozzie takes fine in stride

ST. PETERSBURG -- The size of the fine handed down by Major League Baseball upon White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen on Friday was only surpassed by the fine Guillen received for using a derogatory term in describing a one-time Chicago sports columnist in 2006.

"It's going to take me another three years to pay that. I'm going to need a loan," said Guillen with a laugh. "Hey, they have to do what they have to do. I guess they fined [umpire] Joe [West]. I know it wasn't $7,000. But it is what it is."

Guillen was ejected by West in the second inning of Wednesday's 5-4 victory over the Indians when the White Sox manager came out to protect pitcher Mark Buehrle after West called a balk on Buehrle. West ejected Buehrle in the third, as Buehrle dropped his glove to the ground when a second balk was called.

After the game, Guillen let loose with a profanity-laced critique of West as a person and the dismissive way in which West handled Guillen's attempt to stand up for Buehrle. No suspensions were handed down in the matter.

"I will take the suspension more than the money," Guillen said. "I knew I'm going to get fined. Suspension, there wasn't any reason to it, but that surprised me, the amount of money it was. But they make the rules, they make the decision and I guess I have to go by the rules.

"I've already told Major League Baseball I'm going to pay in months. I'm not going to pay with one check. I got a family to take care of. And they're going to get $1,000 every month. Maybe I finish up and pay the fine around May [2011]. I guess you can't call people names with the media, but I don't regret it. I'll pay my fine and move on."