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Christmas has deep meaning for Barrett

Nats reliever finds joy in spending time with wife, giving back to community

Christmas has deep meaning for Barrett

Right-hander Aaron Barrett was an integral part of the Nationals' bullpen this past season, and in his first year in the big leagues the 26-year-old was productive, appearing in 50 games and posting a 2.66 ERA.

With Christmas coming up, Barrett is spending a lot of time with his wife, Kendyl, in Atlanta. caught up with Barrett, and it's obvious that Christmas is a special time for him. What does Christmas mean to you?

Aaron Barrett : The biggest thing that jumps out to me is the birth of Jesus Christ. It also means getting together with family, enjoying time together. Christmas, to me, means you think about family. What plans do you have with your wife for the Christmas season?

Barrett : I'll be spending Christmas with my wife and her family in Atlanta. We are on our way to one of the soup kitchens down in Atlanta. We are really looking forward to that. It's just an opportunity to give back here in Atlanta.

One of my favorite things to do is the church service. I really enjoy it, just listening to the Christmas songs. The hymns are really beautiful. It makes you feel warm inside. You are remembering the reason for the season. We wouldn't be here without the Lord. What is your most memorable Christmas?

Barrett : It was when I was little. It was the first time I remember waking up at Christmas and seeing white Christmas out the window. That was probably my most memorable moment because we woke up, we ran downstairs and saw all the presents. You are so excited, obviously, the milk and cookies were all gone because Santa came. We received an old P.F. Flyer sled. We had a big hill on our street. So one of the first thing we did -- my two brothers and I -- we ran on top of the hill and we just started sledding. That's the first time I remember waking up to snow on Christmas. That was a really memorable moment. How many Christmases have you spent with your wife, Kendyl? How much do you enjoy being with her?

Barrett :This is our fourth Christmas together. I really do enjoy being with her during Christmas. She loves Christmas. She loves the Christmas decorating, putting up the Christmas tree. It was her turn this year to put the angel on the tree. So she really enjoyed that. She is like a little elf, actually. She really gets involved in the season. I really enjoy spending time with her for Christmas. Every Christmas that I have spent with her, it has been amazing and I'm very thankful for that. Going into this coming season, what is your biggest Christmas wish?

Barrett : The biggest Christmas wish is probably getting a World Series ring, to be honest. I think that has to be at the top of the list. For me personally, I want another opportunity in the postseason, and I want to come out on top. It was a disappointing end for the team. I want another shot at it, another opportunity. I can't wait for that to happen. I know it will.

For society, obviously the cliché answer would be world peace. There is so much stuff going on in today's world. It's really scary to think about. I just wish everybody would just get along and find a common ground. We are all here for the same reason. Hopefully, we will come together. Do you have any idea what you are getting for a Christmas present?

Barrett : I honestly have no idea what I'm getting for Christmas. I really didn't have much on my wish list, because I'm content with what I have already. There isn't a big need for anything. I'm super happy with what I have now. I really have no idea what I'm getting this year. I'm going in blind. Usually, I have an idea of what I'm getting. This year, I have no clue.

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