The Most Popular MLBFC Blogs of 2014

What a year.

It was a memorable year in Major League Baseball and beyond, and we've had a blast highlighting the lighter side of the sport on the MLB Fan Cave blog. Based on traffic, here are the ten most popular blogs of 2014, all of which featured stories that were unique in their own way.

10. One of the greatest eephus pitches ever thrown

9. Hunt Smith bat flips his way to a state championship

8. J.J. Hardy gets the silent treatment

7. David Ortiz heads to first base before ball four

6. Jayson Werth dances into second

5. Joe Kelly's wife writes an incredible Derek Jeter tweet

4. Miss Texas throws wild first pitch

3. Ole Miss hits walk-off HR on attempted intentional walk

2. McCutchen responds to young fan's birthday invitation

1. Smooth young fan gives ball to girl behind him