Jordan's Baseball Equipment Giveback to benefit Jays Care

Jordan's Baseball Equipment Giveback to benefit Jays Care

Twelve-year-old Jordan Weiss is hosting Jordan's Baseball Equipment Giveback in celebration of his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. We sat down with Jordan to find out why he decided to partner with Jays Care in the months leading up to his big day:

JCF: Why did you decide to begin this initiative in celebration of your Bar Mitzvah?

Jordan: I decided to begin this initiative because I wanted to do something different that people don't usually do for a Bar Mitzvah in giving back to the community. I thought this idea was very creative, and would allow me to reach many people. Lastly, it's about baseball -- and I love everything about baseball!

JCF: Why did you choose to partner with Jays Care Foundation?

Jordan: I chose to partner with Jays Care Foundation because I love the Blue Jays and I had previously worked on something called Project Giveback through my old school that supported Jays Care Foundation. I also thought it was the most direct way to give back to baseball.

JCF: What do you hope to achieve through this initiative?

Jordan: I hope to spread the message of Jordan's Baseball Equipment Giveback to everywhere in Canada. In doing so, I hope that many people will contribute baseball equipment or make a small donation so that it can help underprivileged youth play the game I love.

JCF: How can people help make your Baseball Equipment Giveback a success? Jordan: If you have used baseball equipment you want to donate, you can email me at and we will come pick it up from you! 2. If you want to support BUT don't have baseball equipment, you can go onto my website and make a small donation that goes directly to the Blue Jays Baseball Academy Rookie League Program. Lastly, you can follow my progress on social media through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you to Jordan, and all our third-party Fan Fundraisers, for supporting Jays Care Foundation across the country!