Winter Meetings interview with Andrew Friedman

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Well, obviously we traded away some really good players tonight in Dee, Dan Haren, and Miguel Rojas. But we feel like within the totality of the moves that we made ourselves a better team, adding Howie Kendrick. We felt like he fit us incredibly well; the right handed bat, tremendous hitter, really good defender. And then the young players we got in Austin Barnes and Enrique Hernandez, and Chris Hatcher. We felt like within the totality of it we made ourselves a better team.


ANDREW FRIEDMAN: You talking about Rojas? No, I cannot at this time.

Q. Do you feel like you're done?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: It's obviously hard to answer. I think we have a lot of conversations still going on. A phone call can change things, as we talked about the past few days. I think going to bed last night we didn't necessarily expect for this all to come together today, but we've obviously had a tremendous amount of conversations with the teams and various agents. And obviously something can happen, but we still feel like we're going to continue to focus on how we can continue to improve our roster.

Q. Can you talk about how it went down? Were you talking to the Angels about Kendrick and they told you they liked Heaney? How did that come about?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: We had talked a little bit with the Angels in the past couple of weeks about Kendrick, just expecting some interest and not knowing how things might evolve, and feeling like Howie was a guy that could potentially fit us incredibly well. But we've had conversations with the Marlins since I guess the GM meetings, kind of off and on in different iterations. And the last couple of days things have really picked up. We felt like it was potentially an opportunity to line up on both fronts.

Q. How much work would you say you have to do? This was a pretty good one day, but over the winter before you have the club you want?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: I mean, I think you're always constantly evaluating your roster, trying to make improvements wherever you can. My guess is we'll continue to do that the remaining days of the winter, into Spring Training and into the winter as well.

Q. What areas?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Still want to figure out what to do behind the plate to pair up with A.J., need to figure out what we're going to do with the shortstop position. And obviously we'll continue to have conversations about our outfielders and the rotation, as well.

Q. What happens with the Marlins deal if Haren decides to

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: That's between the Marlins and Haren.

Q. (INAUDIBLE) how does Howie make your team better?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Howie is really good on both sides of the ball. Really good defender. Good bat to ball, we feel like. The right center approach that he brings with him, is something that fits incredibly well with Dodger Stadium. Great makeup reports. We feel like he's going to fit in really well in the clubhouse.


ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Look, obviously Dee is a really talented player. We feel like Howie is, too. As far as who's better defensively it's probably not appropriate to opine on, but I think Howie is a very gifted defender.

Q. Can you comment on the report that you are going to bring McCarthy?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: I cannot comment on that.

Q. When you woke up this morning, did you have a pretty good idea what was getting done and what surprised you?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Well, obviously we've had conversations going for a while. But we went to sleep last night we felt like the Heaney Kendrick part was in place if we could line up on all the details on the Marlins side. A lot of back and forth Monday, Tuesday, and today, and finally got to a point where it worked for both sides.

Q. As it continues to play out why did you feel it necessary to make so many significant changes?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Obviously we started this offseason with really good basic talent in place. We were coming off an extremely successful West Division Championship. But as we looked at it and tried to figure out different ways that we could try to continue to improve the roster, we felt like there were certain areas we could target and certain guys that fit within the scope of what we were trying to do. Obviously the offseason is about all 30 teams trying to get better through the free agent process and on the trade front. And Howie was the guy for us, we felt like fit us extremely well. And then also added three young players that we feel like will fit us well in 2015 to help augment our depth and then going forward as well.


ANDREW FRIEDMAN: It's hard to say. But obviously we've had extensive conversations and it's something that could potentially happen soon.

Q. Why is it hard to say?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Because it's someone else's player, potentially. It's just not appropriate right now.

Q. Do you have a feel that you could leave here tomorrow having moved an outfielder? Does that feel close?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: It's hard to answer. There's so many different conversations happening throughout the winter and probably even more so because it's all focusing on 24 hours a day. But obviously a phone call can change anything. And things are definitely possible on that front. And that we've had various conversations that we could pick up the phone and call a team and accept something and vice versa.

Q. (INAUDIBLE) the fact there hasn't been an outfielder move?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: No, I mean for us, obviously there's a lot of attention around these four days, and rightfully so. But the winter, we still have two more months until pitchers and catchers report, and there's a lot more time for us to continue to focus on how to improve our roster.

Q. With Dan leaving in this trade, is it possible you'll eventually add two free agent starting pitchers, is the budget there for that?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: It's certainly possible that we'll add two pitchers, two starting pitchers, whether it's through the trade front or on the free agent market, but it's safe to assume we're going to try to add two starters.

Q. You mentioned Kendrick, among other things, obviously you're looking to put (INAUDIBLE)

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: You know, I think for us anytime we're making a transaction we're obviously assessing the talent on both sides of the ball, and then obviously how we feel a guy will fit in within the fabric of the culture and the clubhouse dynamic. And every time we're going through various moves it's part of the due diligence that we're doing. And the things that we got back about Howie we felt like fit really well within our group.

Q. What was Dan Haren's reaction to the trade?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Professional, as you would expect.

Q. Trying to improve the bullpen, how do you envision Hatcher as far as being able to contribute to that next year?

ANDREW FRIEDMAN: Yeah, we like Hatcher quite a bit. We feel like he fits in really well within the construct of our current bullpen and really lengthens our pen. He's got really good stuff, we feel he has a chance to really help us in 2015 and beyond.